Fast-Track Your Career with White Shark Media

White Shark Media is a leading digital ad agency that serves clients around the world. Through our commitment to quality service and an intense focus on results we have become a recognized leader in our industry. Google has even endorsed us to be one of only 29 AdWords Premiere SMB partners in the United States. We have a great team in place to support these efforts and are always looking to add fresh new talent.

Many exciting opportunities exist within White Shark Media from accounting to marketing. You will experience our overwhelming commitment to team work and creative innovation no matter which position you hold. We regularly intermix a great deal of fun activities in the work too in order to foster a warm and friendly vibe. Our team members often become great friends and routinely hang out with each other after office hours.

White Shark Media’s management team encourages strong communication at every level. Our internal technological platform provides real-time information sharing in order to produce the maximum possible level of transparency between departments.

This systems helps to ensure that information is always readily available anytime a team member needs clarification about something. Staff is encouraged to seek help anytime they feel the need  – We have found that such practices helps to promote a transparent work environment that is not nearly as susceptible to office politics as other organizations might be.

White Shark Media is very much people-oriented on all levels. Whether we are working with clients or our own team members we make sure to put people first in all decision making. Work-life balance is an increasing concern to the modern employee and for good reason. We realize that our team members have families at home that need them as much as we need them with us. White Shark Media makes sure that work needs are managed in such a way as to have as minimal impact as possible on our team member’s personal lives (more details here: We work hard to accommodate personal needs whenever we can whether that means our employees need time to attend their child’s school activities or a personal day because they are feeling stressed.

White Shark Media is the premiere digital ad agency. With a strong commitment to team work, transparent communication, managerial fairness, and work-life balance for team members we are the leading choice to launch your career as strong as possible.

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