Securus Is Quite A Revelation For Our Family

I began a search for a company that would assist me with placing phone calls to prisons. I am an attorney who is engaged in cases around my region for petty crimes. I have seen inmates thrown in jail for crimes which do not require a prison stay, and the inmates are not able to post bail. They must sit in jail waiting for trial, and this article explains how Securus has helped my legal office.

#1: Why Does My Legal Office Need Securus?

I cannot visit every prison where my clients are housed, but I must meet with every client to assess their situation. The situation changes for each inmate, and I must take in quite a bit of information before a case goes to trial. I may prepare cases, prepare my clients and assess their mental state before continuing with their case.

#2: How Do I Use Securus?

I use Securus in my office with my personal tablet. I downloaded the application on my tablet after my secretary started my account, and I set the tablet on my desk for each call. I place calls every day to my clients, and I ensure that I have a schedule for their calls.

#3: My Clients Need Me

This is the only form of communication that is allowed to the prison, and I ensure that I let my clients know when they may expect a call. Calls happen quickly on Securus, and my secretary may check in with my clients on my behalf using the same account.

Securus is easy to use and cheap for our office. We are a much better legal counsel due to Securus and their application.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

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  1. The video call software helps me see my clients as if I traveled to the jail, and I work quite hard to maintain my schedule with help from Securus. These things are definitely bound to happen and I believe that the best essay writing company would have done a great deal of work to bring them there.

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