George Soros’ Emails Anger Bigots of the Neo-Nazis and Pro-Israel Elements

The most right-wing and anti-Semitic political wags in the world have all labelled George Soros as being nothing more than an evil manipulator. Ironically, Soros is also being attacked by many supporters of Israel. Some have labelled this phenomena the George Soros Conspiracy. Doubly ironic for being attacks on a man who has been second to none in his support for basic human rights and the spread of representational democracy.

Fringe far right commentators, such as Pamela Gellar, are making the outrageous accusation that Soros is actually part of some kind of fictional conspiracy. The claim is that he is part of a larger Jewish plan to remove the white race from power on this planet. It might sound like something about the hegemony in the fictional book series: Dune. This fringe element has gone crazy over some of George Soros emails that have clandestinely been revealed.

These George Soros Wikileaks release of certain email leaks have led to many revelations on a variety of many of the big name movers and shakers of the world. The billionaire’s Open Society Foundation (OSF) has had all of some very private email exchanges exposed to the public on the Internet. Russia is almost certainly involved in this dirty subterfuge of George Soros Wikileaks, which has resulted in further deterioration of U.S. relations with the former Cold War country.

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Soros has long been on right-wing group hit lists, especially because of issues he champions, such as the issue cannabis legalization. He has strongly funded the Drug Policy Alliance in his efforts to attain legalization for Marijuana. The Russian “leaks” of George Soros emails read like propaganda to incite both the neo-Nazi element and ironically, also the very right-wing pro-Israel element.

George Soros has also been continually attacked by the right-wing U.S. press and media, especially by Glenn Beck. Beck labels Soros as a cause of problems with what he calls ‘progressivism.’ He also lays at Soros’ doorstep, the problems in Europe, including Brexit and the Syrian refugee crisis. Beck has also, bizarrely, used some comments Soros made about his youth in Nazi-occupied Hungary as proof that Soros is also pro-Nazi!

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Historian, Author And World-Renowned Antique Weapons Collector Michael Zomber

Micheal R. Zomber of Philadelphia, born in Washington D.C. studied and earned a master’s degree in English Literature from UCLA. Zomber’s road to success and recognition for his passion and expertise was not one easily gained without overcoming his share of personal and professional trials.

Zomber was sentenced to serve 2 years and 6 months in prison. While serving this unjust sentence, Micheal remained productive by tutoring prisoners and writing seven books including ‘Shogun lemitsu’ a fiction novel with emphasis on Samurai weaponry. In November of 2008 the United States Court of Appeals exonerated Zomber, and in July of 2009 the charges against Micheal R. Zomber were dropped under the contingencies that Zomber would not seek compensation for wrongful persecution.

Featured as a forty year expert historian on A&E and The History Chanel’s Series ‘Tales of the Gun’ Mr Zomber specializes in sixteenth to nineteenth century European, Islamic, Japanese and American arms.

Stephen Murray and His Philanthropy in New York City

Stephen Murray of CCMP Capital is many things including an innovator, a businessman, as well as a philanthropist who is noted for giving back to several worthy organizations in New York City.

Stephen Murray made is career center around private equity investments as well as finding the best investment options for individuals who are located all over the world.

As the former chief executive officer of CCMP until 2015, he grew this company that specifically specialized in buyout and growth equity transactions. As a individual who had a passion for merging two companies together, he also had a passion for making companies stronger than ever. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

As a graduate of Boston College with a degree in economics, Mr. Murray had always been on the analytical side and enjoyed analyzing trends within the economy. After graduating in 1984, Mr. Murray went on to become a member of MH Equity Corporation, a company that that specialized in buyouts.

By 1991, MH Equity Corporation was purchased by Chemical Banks which continued to go through multiple stages of change until in 1996, MH Equity Corporation eventually became Chase Capital Partners, a firm that continues to exist in present day.

As a member of this company for decades, Stephen Murray was honored many times with promotions and awards for his excellent service within the investment industry.

By 2005, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital became the head of a buyout business that was bought out by JP Morgan.

With this opportunity, Stephen Murray officially co-founded CCMP Capital in 2005 and was given the opportunity to run it. As the CEO, Mr. Murray was also given the opportunity to sit as a board member for many other large corporations.

These corporations included the Vitamin Shoppe, Pinnacle Foods, AMC Entertainment, Aramark, and many others. As a member, Mr. Murray was able to give his expertise on anything investment and business related.

As a successful and wealthy businessman, Mr. Murray was always a strong supporter of charities in New York City. Mr. Murray is most known for his many generous donations to the Make-A-Wish Foundation which gives back to children who have been diagnosed with children.

Mr. Murray was even a generous donator to his school of Boston College, where he attributes his initial start into the business world.