George Soros’ Emails Anger Bigots of the Neo-Nazis and Pro-Israel Elements

The most right-wing and anti-Semitic political wags in the world have all labelled George Soros as being nothing more than an evil manipulator. Ironically, Soros is also being attacked by many supporters of Israel. Some have labelled this phenomena the George Soros Conspiracy. Doubly ironic for being attacks on a man who has been second to none in his support for basic human rights and the spread of representational democracy.

Fringe far right commentators, such as Pamela Gellar, are making the outrageous accusation that Soros is actually part of some kind of fictional conspiracy. The claim is that he is part of a larger Jewish plan to remove the white race from power on this planet. It might sound like something about the hegemony in the fictional book series: Dune. This fringe element has gone crazy over some of George Soros emails that have clandestinely been revealed.

These George Soros Wikileaks release of certain email leaks have led to many revelations on a variety of many of the big name movers and shakers of the world. The billionaire’s Open Society Foundation (OSF) has had all of some very private email exchanges exposed to the public on the Internet. Russia is almost certainly involved in this dirty subterfuge of George Soros Wikileaks, which has resulted in further deterioration of U.S. relations with the former Cold War country.

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Soros has long been on right-wing group hit lists, especially because of issues he champions, such as the issue cannabis legalization. He has strongly funded the Drug Policy Alliance in his efforts to attain legalization for Marijuana. The Russian “leaks” of George Soros emails read like propaganda to incite both the neo-Nazi element and ironically, also the very right-wing pro-Israel element.

George Soros has also been continually attacked by the right-wing U.S. press and media, especially by Glenn Beck. Beck labels Soros as a cause of problems with what he calls ‘progressivism.’ He also lays at Soros’ doorstep, the problems in Europe, including Brexit and the Syrian refugee crisis. Beck has also, bizarrely, used some comments Soros made about his youth in Nazi-occupied Hungary as proof that Soros is also pro-Nazi!

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  1. The bigots are non-stop in their mud slinging, yet Soros remains unruffled. There is a confusing and probably fictional piece of subterfuge in this George Soros conspiracy that is typical of Putin’s posturing, in these unstable days. This will ensure that custom essay writing service reviews do have all they want from them too.

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