Don Ressler, the Driving Force behind JustFab

Don Ressler’s name has become synonymous with e-commerce and online retailing in recent years. He started his career off consulting with companies that were exploring the opportunities available to them online. Don proved to be very successful in this area as he has generated over $1 billion in sales and has raised over $100 million in capital for various internet companies.

Don Ressler was the co-founder of Fitness Heaven. This company was purchased in 2001 by Intermix Media, after which Ressler teamed up with Intermix Chief Executive Officer Adam Goldenberg to form Alena Media.  This led them to develop the company Brand Ideas, which later came to be known as Intelligent Beauty, in January 2006. Intelligent Beauty became an industry leader in the innovative brand building on Pando. Its well-known brands are DERMSTORE, an online skincare and cosmetics marketplace, SENSA, a weight-loss system and JustFab, a highly successful e-commerce fashion retailer.

JustFab was launched in March 2010 by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. It is an online subscription fashion retailer that has over 35 million members, providing a wide selection of shoes, jewelry, denim, and handbags. JustFab gives the customer the opportunity to make personalized choices based on their fashion preferences. The three divisions of this company, FabKids, ShoeDazzle, and Fabletics are highly profitable.

Don Ressler entered into a collaboration with People StyleWatch to create an extensive and unique collection of shoes for JustFab, with the aim of helping customers improve their personal style. Don Ressler also recently launched a new ready-to-wear apparel line, which features an entirely new shopping experience. This experience includes advice from a distinguished style panel, behind-the-scenes access to industry insiders, trend reports and style picks from fashion gurus.

Fabletics, which was started in July 2013 together with Kate Hudson, is one of Don Ressler’s biggest successes. This activewear line has proved to be highly popular due to the high quality and affordable merchandise. The demand from the customers led JustFab to open their first physical store in Glendale, California in 2013. Don Ressler felt that the time had come to translate the e-commerce business into a retail business, and give the consumers the chance to touch and feel the product.

He and his partner, Adam Goldenberg are destined to make great strides in the e-commerce industry as they continue to come up with new ways of creating and operating businesses.

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