Greg Secker Achievements in Forex Trading

Greg Secker is a multi-millionaire master trader. He is also a prominent motivational coach, serial entrepreneur, international speaker, as well as a philanthropist. Greg Secker owns a “know-it-all” character that is hated by many people. Greg Secker is was born on 18th February 1975. He is a prominent serial entrepreneur. He is also a renowned philanthropist, master trader as well as an international speaker. He is a father as well. Greg Secker founded the Knowledge to Action Group in the year 2003.This group is composed of several companies. These companies include Learn to Trade: the leading company in foreign global trading education with its offices located in London, Sydney, Johannesburg as well as Manila, SmartChart Software: this company offers the latest updates in the trading technology, Capital Index: this is an exciting new city brokerage firm, FX Capital: this is a managed account forex investment service.

There is also The Greg Secker Foundation which is a non-profit organization that was set to positively upgrade the life quality for all the people all across the world. All these organization depicts the credible passion by Greg Secker to help others and his dedication to positively upgrade the peoples’ lives. To accomplish this, Greg Secker had to sacrifice some of his time and educate, and coaching each and every interested person the various strategies of Forex trading. He also had to provide intensive support for success.

Greg Secker also established Software, Brokerage, and Investment

Greg Secker latest accomplishment is the establishment of SmartCharts, FX Capital in conjunction with Capital Index. SmartChart shows the latest innovations in the technology trading. It also helps to simplify the trading process by adding a level interactivity, performance, functionality as well as the ease of operation than never before. This has played a great role in the Learn to trade program together with several other awards that it has attained throughout the lifetime. It also helps to give each and every trader an opportunity to gain the Financial Freedom by use of simple and easy to use the software.

City Trader Greg Secker is the newest member of the City Philanthropy Ambassador’s group. Greg Secker shares his ideas on the potential of philanthropy for both the givers and the recipients.

Neurocore Trains The Brain To Remain Calm So Depression Can Be Treated

One of the most common illnesses in the United States is depression. Many factors may contribute to depression including divorce, abuse, and death. According to research, there is a genetic and biological factor regarding depression. Individuals with a history of depression in their family are more likely to develop the condition. There are different types of depression including Major Depressive Disorder, Persistent Depressive Disorder, Postpartum Depression, and Seasonal Affective Disorder.

The symptoms of depression vary, and include emptiness, sadness, numbness, drastic weight loss or gain, irritability and fatigue. Depression also includes physical symptoms such as stomach issues, headaches, shortness of breath and tension. The circuits and structure of the brain in an individual suffering from depression work differently. Depression is a major factor in suicide, and this is the second top cause of death in young people. Depression causes disability in individuals between 15 and 44, and is the second leading cause. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

More funding is required for depression, and depression is treatable. This generally requires a combination of therapy and medicine. Additional, non-invasive, drug-free treatments are available through neurofeedback. Depression is frustrating, and usually requires professional help. Neurocore specializes in the treatment of depression, and represents an excellent option.

Neurocore also helps with stress. Many individuals are functioning in a perpetual crisis state, whether perceived or actual. Neurocore understands the triggers for a stressful response, and the state of fight-or-flight. Their Brain Performance Centers identify brain activity with a comprehensive assessment to identify the brain activity contributing to emotional and physical reactions to depression and stress. The symptoms and brain map of the individual guide Neurocore in the development of a customized plan. This plan trains the brain to cope with depression and stress. Read more at about Neurocore.

Neurocore can teach the brain how to stay calm. This is accomplished with advanced qEEG technology to quantify and identify brain activity partially responsible for the symptoms of depression and stress. Neurocore also evaluates an individual’s heart rate and breathing to make the necessary contribution to overall wellness. The HRV, or neurofeedback and heart rate variability program will train the brain to remain in a more focused and calm state to reduce the symptoms of depression and stress.


The Mighty Fortress Church, the church with a keen eye on Thanksgiving to God

Minneapolis is home to several amazing churches that are rich in history and offer stunning architectural beauty. The Our Lady of Angels church in Sauk Center is a perfect example. One can find the church unassuming from the outside. However, the interior reveals one of the most beautiful interiors of any church in the State of Minnesota. The church offers a vivid painting of Mary inside the dome that ascends to the clouds.

The Holy Communion Church in St. Peter near Mankato is another perfect example of stunning churches in Minneapolis. The church features an A-frame with Gothic inspiration. It was built in 1869 using Kasota, a locally sourced limestone. On each side of its sloping roof, gabled eye windows are uniquely installed. The church has a bright red door that borrows its design from the medieval-Gothic era. This church’s beauty earns it a historic attraction to the town at the Minnesota River Valley. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on Linkedin.

The Christ is the King Catholic Church at Browerville is another example of classic historic beauty. The church was built by Polish immigrants in the late 1800’s. Its copper domes and ornate steeple perfectly display the old Baroque Revival architectural designs. The church is located on the main drag through the town of Browerville.

The Mighty Fortress Church believes that worship is key when it comes to encouraging and building their followers weekly. The church focuses on what God has done for us in our lives. The church comprises a band, choir and worship team that aims at bringing the presence of God to the atmosphere during all services. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on

Weekly practical bible based principals are shared to nurture the faith of believers. These teachings are aimed at directing believers to a prosperous and victorious life. All individuals are invited to experience the Godly atmosphere and to show their appreciation towards God. The church offers answers to life’s challenges.

Bishop Thomas Williams is the founder, president and senior pastor of the Mighty Fortress Church. He has practiced active ministry for more than 30 years. He has served in various positions in the Body of Christ. Through his devotion and hard work, he has earned himself deep respect amongst ministers of the Gospel.


Is George Soros Winning the Battle Against Inequalities with his Open Society Foundations?

Most people know George Soros as one of the five wealthiest men on the Globe, a business genius, and an author. What most do not realize is that philanthropy has always been at the center of Soros Life. George has been contributing to open society foundations for the past three decades and during this time; he has managed to make a substantial change in the society, especially when it comes to fighting for the rights of the less fortunate and marginalized groups.

For the past few years, Soros has been a topic of national interest. There was a time that a claim had been made about how he was involved in the Charlottesville protests. The allegation was that he had masterminded the criminal who ran their car into protestors. However, everyone who knows what Soros stands for understands that this is not how he operates. Soros is the type of leader who wants equality, justice, and fairness to everyone, regardless of their differences. He has always advocated for peaceful means of passing across the message when something is wrong.

For instance, there were the protests in Ferguson Missouri in 2014. The cause of the protests was the killing of an African American teenager in what seemed to be a racially motivated killing. The Hashtag black lives matter started on social media, and soon, it had become a street protest. George Soros funded the protests through the George Soros Foundation. He funded the hiring of the buses that were used to ferry supporters to the town.

George Soros has a long history of advocating for human rights, and the latest move that he has made in philanthropy is releasing $18billion of his $25 billion estates to the Soros Foundation. This money will be used to help different charities and philanthropic causes. It is believed that he will be releasing more money to different charities in the future. This makes the Soros Foundation one of the largest in the world, after the Bill Melinda Gates Foundation. This is not the first time that Soros is giving money away to charity. Since he started his contributions to the open society foundations, George Soros has spent more than $6 billion. The fact that he is willing to sacrifice more than half of his estate to a cause that he believes in goes to show how selfless he is.

Soros has always been a Democrat. He believed in the ideals values that are pushed by the Liberals. He has supported their candidates from John Kerry, Obama to Clinton; because he believes their progressive agenda is the best thing for this country. Soros believes that Trump might not be the best thing for America, primarily because of the divisive politics that he keeps playing. He says that even though the Democrats do not have as much power as they would wish to, it is still possible to keep checks and balances on the groups that seem prepared to go rogue and ruin the progress that this nation has made. Soros is truly sensational. and more information click here

George Soros Philanthropic Support to Open Society Foundation

George Soros, who is a fund manager and a renowned democratic donor, has just transferred $18 billion to support the Open Society Foundation. His donation is now one of the highest to be done by a private person to an organization. George Soros made this donation several years back, but it was only disclosed a few weeks ago. This could be an indication that he has done quite more donations which are still kept under cover.

Transforming the Open Society Foundation

The amount which is reported to be $18 billion has just escalated the position held by the Open Foundation and is now considered one of the biggest philanthropic organizations based in the US. Amid the social and political debates, the donation is believed to place Mr. Soros before the critics who are always looking for things to point out. Learn more about George at The Atlantic.

Duties of Open Society

The Open Society was founded by Mr. Soros thirty years ago, with the aim of supporting democratic rights of the American Citizens. Through the years, Open Foundation has spread its wings and is now supporting the human rights not only in the US but at least 120 countries across the globe. However, in the past few years, the Organization has shifted its main attention toward the US. It tends to support the rights of gays and lesbians and protecting citizens from police brutalities.


In 2014, during the Ebola Outbreak in the US, the foundation funded centres which were used to treat the victims. The foundation also has shown a keen interest in protecting the members of the US community from what is best described as the national wave of hate incidents. For instance, when there was an escalation in the level of crime in the US, Mr. Soros donated an amount equivalent to $10 million to aid in preventing such crimes from happening. Mr. Soros made it clear that it is vital to push back against the high level of crime which had taken its toll in different parts of the US and he encouraged unity among the residents.

Political Focus

Mr. Soros’s political focus has always been to support democratic politicians. He even donated some funds to support Hillary Clinton’s Campaign in 2016. Soros Political focus has always done a great job in presenting him before the eyes of critics. At some point, due to his political stance, Soros has been accused by the Republicans of an intention to make Ireland a Pro-abortion nation alongside overlooking the European’s interest in controlling their bodies. Visit to know more about George.

Despite facing lots of criticism, George Soros has manifested goodwill for his nation by making huge donations to support important projects. The $18 million funds that he donated to the Open Foundation would eventually increase the potential of the organization to handle various matters affecting the country. Mr. George Soros has done many philanthropic works which have earned him great recognition in various parts of the globe. However, the critics will always try to point out mistakes so that they may gain personal advantages.

Vijay Eswaran’s Advice to First-Time Job Seekers in India

Vijay Eswaran is a reputable Malaysian businessman and one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the region. According to him, institutions of higher learning should concentrate on molding learners into job creators and not job seekers.

He points out that many students tend to believe that they have to work for someone before going into entrepreneurship. In one of the students’ forum at the University of Malaya, Eswaran reminded the audience that technological aspects such as artificial intelligence, robotics and automation are constantly changing the business world.

Vijay Eswaran further pointed out that even though Japanese, Chinese, South Koreans and Taiwanese are willing to begin their careers under someone, they are absolutely focused on becoming their own bosses. He encouraged those who are entering the job market to look for roles that suit their qualifications.

The experienced businessman advised job seekers to analyze the pros and cons before choosing to either work for a startup or established company. He, however, explained that it’s important for one to understand a business cycle right from startup to corporate.

According to him, startups provide a unique learning experience to first-time job seekers. Those seeking to follow this route, however, should be psychologically prepared to embrace and drive the company’s vision. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran: and

New industry entrants have the opportunity to choose between working in an open or structured job environment. Vijay pointed out that no option is better than the other as it all depends on a person’s personality and career.

Vijay Eswaran

He is the executive chairman of QI Group, a multinational group of companies headquartered in Hong Kong China. Vijay was born in the late 1960s in Penang, Malaysia.

He pursued socio-economic degree from the London school of economics before earning his MBA from the Southern Illinois University in 1986.

Vijay Eswaran co-founded an organization that has grown to become QI Group of companies. The group serves various sectors of the global economy including telecommunications, travel, corporate investments, media, luxury products and business trainings.

The organization serves more than 10 countries and has regional offices in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Vijay has since received significant leadership awards due his hard work, creativity and innovative leadership. He is not only a reputable businessman but also a renowned author and philanthropist.

How Online Reviews Have Become Central To Companies Marketing Success

Increasingly, companies are taking advantage of the power of the crowd. Savvy brands know that most of their customers are looking at product reviews written by others and rely upon them to make purchase decisions. Some companies, such as Fabletics, are pursuing marketing strategies where these consumer reviews are presented front and center.

Due to taking advantage of the power of the crowd, Fabletics in its first four years has had explosive growth. It now has more than $235 million in annual revenues and over one million members that pay a monthly fee. Their website features customer reviews prominently which executive at the company gives a lot of credit for their success.

A study recently completed by BrightLocal focused on the customer reviews. Their findings show that 84% of people trust the reviews they read online to a great extent. The study also showed that more than 50% of study participants research a company at least once a month. Due to this 76% of brands now have user reviews on their website and that area of their websites have had the largest growth.

Trustpilot in one of the biggest review sites on the internet. They now have 30 million reviews and 20,000 new reviewers join the website every day. This shows a new truth which is that a brand can no longer be defined by the company behind it. Instead, the brand is now what the customers and online reviewers say it is.

As a company that strives to operate transparently and with a focus on their members, Fabletics approaches customer engagement in a number of ways. One of the ways they do so is prompting new members to complete a Lifestyle Quiz. By taking the quick Fabletics is able to find out more about their members such as what type of fashion they find appealing and their clothing sizes. This information is used to make the members online shopping experience better as they then see clothing that matches their interests.

Fabletics was started as a partnership between Techstyle Group and the actress Kate Hudson. A known fitness buff, she was the perfect person for Techstyle Group to partner with. This is especially true because she is very hands-on at Fabletics. She reviews sales numbers, the clothing for sale, and all other areas of running the company.

Under Kate Hudson’s leadership, Fabletics has shot to the top of brands that offer women’s activewear. She has said that in addition to offering quality clothing that is fashionable and can be worn all day, another thing she wanted at Fabletics was for the clothing to be affordably priced. She has said that when buying activewear she couldn’t believe the prices of most options, and this was a problem that she wanted to solve at Fabletics.

Why Rocketship Education Is The Best In The Learning World

Parents that enroll their children in public schools sometimes feel like they’re not as good as private schools. While man

Here are ten crucial things about Preston Smith learned from ten years’ worth of serving Rocketship Education, the founder, president, and CEO of the leading charter school system.

There is one location in Wisconsin, with two in the nation’s capital of Washington DC, three in Nashville, Tennessee, and twelve in its founding state of California.

Rocketship Education is in no way short of innovation, hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area, where many other innovative entities come from.

Rocketship Education has a lengthy history of getting the most out of its students hailing from high-poverty areas with low opportunity. Founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer Preston Smith created the line of charter schools with a dream to bring top-tier elementary schools to areas of San Jose and other economically-disadvantaged areas in the United States. It currently boasts more than 3,800 students.

Here are five things that Preston Smith picked up on in making sure Rocketship Education was a success at the highest level in the United States.

Teachers do more for students if they have tolerant mindsets when they receive instruction and feedback from principals and other educators.

Students should not quit learning so much after they leave Rocketship Education in fifth grade. The system of charter schools does not have any grades after fifth, meaning parents should lobby to bring providers of top-notch education from sixth through twelfth grades to their nearby areas – most importantly, at no cost.

As a charter school system, none of eighteen installments of Rocketship Education’s chain of schools around the United States require students’ parents or guardians to pay tuition or other fees like parents of private school children enrollees often have to do.

The role of AI in increasing Personalized Merchandising

The role of AI in increasing Personalized Merchandising

Marketing aims at identifying the right customers for your products and reaching the clientele. The world today relies heavily on the data collected from every person to make personalized goods and services. Over the very many internet platforms and social media pages, a company can learn a lot about their customers and predict exactly what their preferences are. Your Twitter usage and posts are useful in determining your taste and the exact time when you make your purchases.

Artificial intelligence has played a preeminent role in achieving personalized merchandising. This has been possible primarily through the use of machine learning techniques and more so the deep machine learning technology. Companies can view their customers’ online activities and come up with a reliable prediction of what they need and at what time. Below are a few instances when AI has been very useful in the marketing of brands and products.

Personalized marketing using accurately targeted Ads

Through an in-depth analysis of a customer’s online activities, companies can know precisely what people are looking for. Merchandising through ads will thus be very easy as customers can easily be classified as per their demographic and personal preferences. Machine learning has increased the chances of a customer clicking on the ads since they are designed to meet their taste.

Personalized merchandising through improved customer service

Artificial intelligence has made it possible for companies to use algorithms that can interpret natural language and understand what the customers need. With such algorithms, your brand will know how your customers might react to a particular good or service giving the brand an upper hand in tackling all issues raised by customers. With excellent customer service comes a better brand standing and growth in popularity.

Creating stronger connection and positive brand rapport

To have a successful digital marketing strategy, you must aim at building relationships and maintaining them. AI has made this a reality by creating real-time avenues through which customers can communicate with the customer service teams online. Companies can get instant feedback on all issues relating their products. With this AI personalized merchandising techniques, customers get the personalized offers on different products while the brand gets to create an emotional and lasting connection with the clients.

AI improves accuracy by taking out guesswork

For a long time, advertising industry relied on an intuitive blanket to win the customers’ attention. This led to a disruptive marketing technique that aimed at distracting and conquering. With AI today, brands and companies can study the customer’s behavior and sell to them exactly what they need. Netflix and Amazon are good examples when it comes to the use of AI to create customer specific recommendations. Read more at Wikipedia about Sentient.