The role of AI in increasing Personalized Merchandising

The role of AI in increasing Personalized Merchandising

Marketing aims at identifying the right customers for your products and reaching the clientele. The world today relies heavily on the data collected from every person to make personalized goods and services. Over the very many internet platforms and social media pages, a company can learn a lot about their customers and predict exactly what their preferences are. Your Twitter usage and posts are useful in determining your taste and the exact time when you make your purchases.

Artificial intelligence has played a preeminent role in achieving personalized merchandising. This has been possible primarily through the use of machine learning techniques and more so the deep machine learning technology. Companies can view their customers’ online activities and come up with a reliable prediction of what they need and at what time. Below are a few instances when AI has been very useful in the marketing of brands and products.

Personalized marketing using accurately targeted Ads

Through an in-depth analysis of a customer’s online activities, companies can know precisely what people are looking for. Merchandising through ads will thus be very easy as customers can easily be classified as per their demographic and personal preferences. Machine learning has increased the chances of a customer clicking on the ads since they are designed to meet their taste.

Personalized merchandising through improved customer service

Artificial intelligence has made it possible for companies to use algorithms that can interpret natural language and understand what the customers need. With such algorithms, your brand will know how your customers might react to a particular good or service giving the brand an upper hand in tackling all issues raised by customers. With excellent customer service comes a better brand standing and growth in popularity.

Creating stronger connection and positive brand rapport

To have a successful digital marketing strategy, you must aim at building relationships and maintaining them. AI has made this a reality by creating real-time avenues through which customers can communicate with the customer service teams online. Companies can get instant feedback on all issues relating their products. With this AI personalized merchandising techniques, customers get the personalized offers on different products while the brand gets to create an emotional and lasting connection with the clients.

AI improves accuracy by taking out guesswork

For a long time, advertising industry relied on an intuitive blanket to win the customers’ attention. This led to a disruptive marketing technique that aimed at distracting and conquering. With AI today, brands and companies can study the customer’s behavior and sell to them exactly what they need. Netflix and Amazon are good examples when it comes to the use of AI to create customer specific recommendations. Read more at Wikipedia about Sentient.

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