Why Rocketship Education Is The Best In The Learning World

Parents that enroll their children in public schools sometimes feel like they’re not as good as private schools. While man

Here are ten crucial things about Preston Smith learned from ten years’ worth of serving Rocketship Education, the founder, president, and CEO of the leading charter school system.

There is one location in Wisconsin, with two in the nation’s capital of Washington DC, three in Nashville, Tennessee, and twelve in its founding state of California.

Rocketship Education is in no way short of innovation, hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area, where many other innovative entities come from.

Rocketship Education has a lengthy history of getting the most out of its students hailing from high-poverty areas with low opportunity. Founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer Preston Smith created the line of charter schools with a dream to bring top-tier elementary schools to areas of San Jose and other economically-disadvantaged areas in the United States. It currently boasts more than 3,800 students.

Here are five things that Preston Smith picked up on in making sure Rocketship Education was a success at the highest level in the United States.

Teachers do more for students if they have tolerant mindsets when they receive instruction and feedback from principals and other educators.

Students should not quit learning so much after they leave Rocketship Education in fifth grade. The system of charter schools does not have any grades after fifth, meaning parents should lobby to bring providers of top-notch education from sixth through twelfth grades to their nearby areas – most importantly, at no cost.

As a charter school system, none of eighteen installments of Rocketship Education’s chain of schools around the United States require students’ parents or guardians to pay tuition or other fees like parents of private school children enrollees often have to do.

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