Omar Boraie Mentors Everyone

Many people credit Omar Boraie with making New Brunswick an economic powerhouse. Many analysts say that he was able to do this single-handedly. They reference his determination and his grit as vital to making this happen.

Anyone who knows Omar Boraie knows he truly values the city of New Brunswick. This is why many newspapers have credited him with the label “the father of our city.” He has spent 40 years showing his love for New Brunswick. This love can be seen in his vigilance in turning the city around.

Omar Boraie began turning the city around by working with local churches and local nonprofits in developing a strong family community. He encouraged them to begin events that introduced families to other families. To help them out, Omar Boraie gave them large donations, so they had the funds necessary to promote these events. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Omar Boraie also turned the city of New Brunswick around by focusing on the job market. He took a two-pronged approach here. First, he kept local jobs in the area by convincing Johnson and Johnson to stay. Second, he brought new jobs to the area by lowering the rates of commercial real estate relative to surrounding cities.

Omar Boraie then began bringing together a strong alliance that could really propel New Brunswick forward. The people on this alliance were the President of Rutgers University, members of the state Senate, the city Mayor, and many nonprofit leaders. He worked with them to move the vision of their organizations to reflect his vision for New Brunswick. This meant that all entities were working on the sole mission of making New Brunswick an amazing city.

Omar Boraie finished his plan of turning around the city of New Brunswick by bringing back the middle class. This was done by offering office and residential real estate for 20% lower than the surrounding cities. This enticed young professionals to move their practices to the city of New Brunswick. Once they were living in the city, not only were the citizens benefiting from the practices, but the city was able to reap the rewards of constant tax revenue coming in.

Omar Boraie recently used the same strategy to help turn around some suburbs in Atlantic City. Many mayors are now calling him on the phone begging for him to their city by giving seminars on how they can achieve the exact same thing. You can visit their website


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