ClassDojo Keeps Parents and Classrooms Connected

After four years in the low tide, education technology entrepreneurs can finally kick their feet. With 2017 bringing major success to business owners in the growing industry, investor support was overwhelming by the year’s end. With all the recent success, education technology investors are preparing to face budget cuts during the 2018 school year.

To stay afloat during the pending storm, business owners in the field are zoning in on the needs of their clients. ClassDojo, a leader in classroom technology credits most of their success to the constant feedback from their users. Sam Chaudhary, the app’s co-founder says that listening to the parents, students and teaches why use the app has helped the company make important decisions throughout the development process. Their goal is to help teachers in the area where they need it most-communication with parents. Understanding the importance of strong relationships between parents and educators, ClassDojo has created a platform built on the promise of breaking barriers between parents and the classroom.

ClassDojo is on a mission to transform the educational experiences of today’s early learner. Through video post, photos and stories, teachers and students can share school work and activities throughout the school day. Parents can then view these post, giving them a sneak peek into their child’s classroom, and an opportunity to be present even when busy schedules don’t allow us to. To date, more than 85,000 schools across the United States use ClassDojo to stay connected.

A recent study conducted at St. Catherine University showed a significant decline in the number of office referrals I schools that use ClassDojo. The success of each student relies heavily on the amount of support they receive. ClassDojo not only connects parents to the classroom, it also gives teachers and parents the chance to empower students and promote positive behavior.

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