Why You Should Trust Goettl with Your Heating and Air Conditioning Needs

In June 2017, Goettl Air Conditioning announced the purchase of Walton’s Heating and Air, a family-owned company with its headquarters in Southern California. The details of the transaction are still not available to the public. Purchasing the company meant that Goettl would grow the company beyond what its owner Todd Longbrake could take the firm. According to Longbrake, he had done all that he could to grow the company, but it had reached a plateau stage, and any further efforts and investments were not yielding any profits.

Longbrake Role after the Merger

Longbrake didn’t accept the deal when Goettl approached him, claims BizJournals.com. It was after hearing promising and successful stories from Ken Goodrich, the owner of Goettl Air Conditioning that he decided to join the company. However, Longbrake has nothing to regret as he has seen the joint companies grow tenfold since the acquisition. Currently, Longbrake serves as the field supervisor and sales manager. According to Goodrich, Todd Longbrake found it easy to assimilate to the company’s culture, and since then, he has been instrumental to the enterprise.

Delays before Publicizing the Deal

Although the deal was finalized in mid-2015, it took two years to announce the deal publicly. According to Goodrich operational and marketing issues within Walton’s Heating and Air are to blame for the delays. However, Goodrich didn’t give up on the deal as he believed that the two companies shared a family culture. Additionally, the Goettl owner believed that the company would give them an opportunity to grow and serve a huge consumer base, especially in southern California.

Goettl Air Conditioning in Brief

Goettl Air Conditioning is an HVAC firm offering services in air conditioning and heating. Currently, the company operates in Phoenix, Las Vegas, Tucson and Southern California. The Las Vegas, Nevada-based company has proved to be the leader in the industry since its inception in 1939.

Services offered by Goettl

Goettl is famously known for providing excellent customer services. The firm offers exceptional comfort in the installation of air conditioners, furnaces, heat pumps, indoor air quality system, and ductless systems among many other services. The firm boasts of a team of excellently trained employees who offer outstanding service delivery making the company the best choice for comfort.

Recently the company included plumbing and drain services to their service charter. This was after acquiring The Sunny Plumber. The firm has a plan of becoming a national brand. In their quest to achieve this, the company will be opening new branches in Northern California and Texas in 2018. Visit the official website phoenix.goettl.com.