Igor Cornelsen: A History Of Solid Investment Strategies And Great Returns

Brazil is a mineral rich country. It is also home to many companies that are poised to make their mark internationally. But investing in Brazil can be tricky.

It takes experience and insight to be able to predict what the local stock markets and companies will do. Retired Brazilian Igor Cornelsen is a man that possesses just such insight. Read more: Adicione uma descrição a este tópico

And it has helped to make him one of the most successful investment advisors in Brazil. Plus his knowledge of international markets and high finance draw investors large and small to him seeking guidance on the best places to park their money to draw large, consistent dividends.

PR Newswire stated that for decades Igor Cornelsen has provided his clients with accurate investment advice that has enabled them to earn great returns.

He can take what seems like overwhelmingly complex, difficult and extremely risky investment decisions and simplify them for his clients. His understanding of global economics and markets have allowed him to do that for years.

These days he does that through the Bainbridge Group Incorporated, a company in which he is the principal. He helps people to understand and use the rules governing a variety of investment vehicles and leverage them to make significant profits.

Igor Cornelsen has distilled his investment advice into a number of very simple rules that he uses to guide investors and reduce their risk. The first rule is: Do not Lose Money. This requires investors to divest themselves of losing stocks as quickly as possible.

Start Investing as soon as Possible is another of Cornelsen’s rules. For people to get maximum returns on their investments time is a critical factor.

The longer the money is invested the more returns it will bring in. Diversify your Portfolio is anther rule he stresses to his clients. This enables investors to minimize risk and create several income streams.

One of Igor Cornelsen’s most important rules is that investors should: Get an Experienced Adviser. One with solid investment strategies, an understanding of the markets and a track record of success. Using those rules as guidelines Cornelsen has helped countless investors to consistently make money.