Larkin and Lacey Use Industry Experience

From the time that Larkin and Lacey were first working in the advocacy field as journalists, they have learned a lot about the things that can happen to human rights.

They have also seen a lot of changes that have had negative impacts on the people who they are trying to help. Because of this, they have worked hard to ensure that they are able to do things the right way and that they are able to help people out with the issues that they have in their own human rights fields. It is part of what makes Larkin and Lacey the best human rights activists for the things that they are able to do.

As the world around them has changed, they have watched these issues and it is what has made things more difficult for them. They have to try their hardest to be able to get to different points in their lives and in their careers so that they can help each other out with the issues that they have.

They also want to make things better for the people who they are trying to provide human rights options to even though they know that they won’t have them or be able to exercise them. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin | Twitter

Recently, the new president has made it harder than ever for immigrants to be able to come to the country. He does not want them here and is doing what he can to promote his own agenda of hate by disallowing immigrants to come to the United States in ways that they used to be able to come to the country.

He wants to make things worse for them and that is causing some serious problems for the people who are working to fight for human rights and for the people who are trying to live their lives in the best way possible no matter what is going on for them.

People like Larkin and Lacey have to make sure that they are ready for these changes. Sometimes, they don’t have to worry about the issues and they don’t have to care about the problems that are happening so that they can do everything possible to make their lives better.

The men know that they can make changes and that they can show other people what will happen to them in different areas of the world. They also know that they can try to help more people out with their foundation.

The Frontera Fund was set up so that people can use it when they are dealing with human rights issues. They can use it to get legal help, for the expenses of going through court and even for wages that they have missed out on while they are dealing with these cases.

Larkin and Lacey want to make it possible for people to do this and for people to try and get these things done in the right way. They also want to show others what they can do to help them out.

Bruce Levenson’s Atlanta Hawks Sues AIG Over Ferry Claim

Recently, former owners of Atlanta Hawks filed a lawsuit against AIG for breach of contract. Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC filed the lawsuit, which involved the settlement claims made by Dan Ferry, a former general manager. The former ownership of the NBA franchise includes Bruce Levenson who is a controlling partner. The lawsuit was filed on September 13 in the Superior Court of Fulton County. The case excludes current ownership of Atlanta Hawks. The civil action is made against the insurance firm’s bad faith and breach of contract. Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment (AHBE) LLC claims that it was insured under a policy that covers certain losses, which are related to employment practices, including wrongful termination.

Court documents indicate that on April 2, 2015, AHBE provided notice to AIG indicating that claims had been made by Ferry, which it believed were covered. Ferry and AHBE reached a buyout agreement on June 22, 2015, formally ending a relationship that began in 2012. According to Time, two days later, approval of the sale of the basketball team was made. The lawsuit notes that AIG declined to acknowledge that the policy had been triggered or a claim was made. According to court documents, AIG declined to pay the covered loss in bad faith without considerable justification. It also failed to accept that some of the claims made by Ferry were clearly within the policy coverage. Barnes & Thornburg LLP’s J. Leonard notes that the complaint is well explained and easy to understand. The lawsuit seeks an extra 50 percent penalty of the costs, attorney’s fees, and unpaid loss.

About Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is a controlling partner of Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC. He is a partner and co-founder of United Communications Group (UCG) that he formed together with Ed Peskowitz. Previously, he worked for Observer Publishing and the Washington Star before founding UCG. He has also served as the director of TechTarget. Bruce has been the president of I Have a Dream Foundation.

Factors Contributing to the Success of Construcap

Construcap is one of the leading construction companies based in Brazil. The company was founded back in the year 1944. It is one of the most sough construction companies serving the industrial, medical, energy, commercial and even retail industry. In the year 2012, it was ranked by Exame magazine as one of the best construction companies in its special edition of the best and greatest companies in the country.

Those who have known the Brazilian state of the real estate industry will tell you that it is not an industry that many would have willingly invested on Forget the reports you hear today of rising property prices, things in the past were not so great. Construction companies would build and end up retaining ownership of the project. This is because, not so many were seeking to buy. At some point, they even had to start advertising their projects abroad for international buyers who would be willing to buy. So a company had to have a very strong foundation to have survived such times. So, what made Construcap one of the companies that survived?

Customers Service
Customer service is vital if a company is to achieve success. Construcap is known for their excellent customer service on They are genuinely concerned about their clients and everything that they do is to make sure that clients get what they want. This is the reason why they went ahead and employed a team of financial experts to handle the financial matters of their clients and help them get low interest home loans at

Investment in Their Employees
A company is as good as its employees. If they are no good, then the company is not worth your money. Construcap identified this early and they do everything possible to ensure that their employees represent them well. Construcap have training programs to develop them professionally and make them conversant with the current market needs.

Construcap is all about quality. If that was not the case, they would not have landed some big projects like the construction of Rio de Janeiro – Santos Dumont Airport, Temple of Solomon (IURD) and Mineirao Stadium.

IAP Worldwide Services Responds to Hurricane Matthew Threats

The intervention measures made by IAP Worldwide, came hot on the heels of a reported eventuality: Hurricane Matthew. The foremost intervention was provision of emergency power by the personnel deployed. The level of professionalism and competence was yet again on show as IAP moved to counter this disaster. With experience in disaster management during other hurricanes: Katia and Sandy, IAP did not disappoint.

Apart from the provision of emergency power, IAP Worldwide workers also brought in expert personnel, communication systems and commodities for the local. IAP kept close communication with the USACE, a group of U.S army engineers, to plan and execute counter measures.

Kaye Scholer

Kaye Scholer advocates were responsible for overseeing the restructuring of IAP, which owed over $450 to its lien lenders. Restructuring required the assistance of government departments to ensure there was compliance with the law. The National Security team was not left behind in these talks and engagement.

To dispel fears by investors, IAP’s worldwide president pointed out that the restructuring measures were in the hands of experts. The president assured investors that once the restructuring process was over and done with, the company would be able to invest better and grow in the short run. The new ownership has gained the support of the employees as they feel that they are in safe hands. IAP Global Services will now be the holding company with a new board constituted.

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Looking Back

IAP Worldwide has a rich history of growth. IAP’s 1990 contract saw the company send generator supplies to Saudi Arabia for the American troops stationed there. IAP services were also sought during operation Desert Storm. IAP continues to get contracts owing to its history of execution and professionalism. It delivers generators, and engages in disaster relief among many other services.

IAP’s acquisition of G3, a British Company, ensured it had a market in Britain. Now IAP can offer Europe technical services, logistics and base support operations. G3 also operates and maintains equipment around the world. This new acquisition put IAP in the global market making it more competitive. IAP also acquired another company in 2005: JCWS

IAP Worldwide promises to rise even further under new management. Upon the conclusion of the recapitalization and restructuring efforts, management will pay attention to strategic plans to help the company sore. Already, IAP has its presence in about 20 countries where it supports close to 175,000 personnel. As for the military installations, IAP does this beyond America spreading to Europe and the Middle Eastern countries.

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Mike Baur Using The Swiss Startup Factory To Elevate Upcoming Entrepreneurs

Mike Baur is responsible for the establishment of the Swiss Startup Factory, an ICT acceleration program that was launched in 2014 to help entrepreneurs with tenable ideas access support and resources necessary to help them climb the ladder of entrepreneurship. The Swiss Startup Factory is driven through various sections, each with a role to play and in only three months, one is able to capture the basics that are needed to move from beta to revenues.


While launching the program, Mike Baur wanted to ensure young professionals in Switzerland who have awesome ideas are given the support they need to establish strong businesses.


Three months acceleration program

The acceleration program covers different areas of business and is focused on ensuring those with ideas are taken through the most important sections of running a business. There are two batches accepted every year in January and September. The selection views the most talented startups and measures the ability of the ideas to adapt to different conditions.


With the help of professionals and experts, the entrepreneurs are able to reach ambitious milestones. Once the program is completed, a demo day is organized to introduce the entrants to the real business world.


Wenger & Vieli Accelerator

The Swiss Startup Factory also respects the fact that entrants to the program need to understand the legal aspect of business. This is made possible through the Wenger & Vieli Accelerator, which invites experienced professionals from Wenger & Vieli (Wenger & Vieli Accelerator is a law firm that is based in Rurich that operates with a strong network in all its locations. Its international presence has placed it among the best legal firms within Switzerland) for legal advice related to business. The program is run every second Monday and is divided into sections that answer questions related to business law. A session of at least 20 minutes is held with a lawyer on pro-bono basis.


Mike Baur, CEO

A founder and CEO, Mike Baur is a professional who has proved his dedication in supporting startups in Switzerland. His experience in the banking sector spans about 20 years and at the time he exited banking, he was only 39 and had a lot to do with his life. His idea of establishing a venture capital materialized well when the Swiss Startup Factory gained popularity and acceptance. Mike Baur is a graduate of Bern University, where he acquired an Executive MBA.

Know more about Mike Baur at

The Rise Of Businessman And Philanthropist Raj Fernando

Raj Fernando is a great example of what is possible when people dedicate their time, energy and intellect to a goal. Fernando’s goal was to be successful at investing. To do so he began to volunteer at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange while he was still in college. Between 1991 and 2001 he worked his way up from the lowest to the highest positions at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the Chicago Board of Trade. By 2002 he had the knowledge and experience to found and run Chopper Trading. With Fernando as CEO Chopper Trading amassed a staff of more than 250 of the world’s brightest traders and engineers and made a fortune trading on the CME as well as Nasdaq, Eurex, ICE, LSE, ICAP-Broketek and Cantor Fitzgerald-espeed.

Prior to founding Chopper Trading Fernando earned bachelor’s degrees from Beloit College in Wisconsin in economics and history. He says beside his experience on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the Chicago Board of Trade, the key to his success at Chopper Trading was surrounding himself with the brightest and best people possible. He also regularly took time to gather valuable insight and information from his staff. Fernando turned Chopper Trading into a technological powerhouse by designing, implementing and managing some of the financial industry’s most sophisticated trading, risk management, monitoring, communications and source code security systems.

Fernando has worked with the US Commodity Trading Futures Commission in its mission to foster markets that are transparent, open, competitive, and financially sound. In 2010 he was a featured panelist that spoke on disruptive trading practices at the Commission’s discussion.

He launched internet start-up™ in 2016. The company provides companies and individuals with the most trusted, secure and advanced communications systems and provides the information necessary to increase professional and corporate growth and productivity.

Today Raj Fernando supports philanthropic efforts in Chicago and throughout the United States and is on the board of many organizations.

End of Olympic Valley Incorporation Effort Allows the Region to Move Forward Cohesively

Lake Tahoe region, and the north shore communities inhabiting the area, has experienced several hard years riddled with a persistent drought and an incorporation battle that threatened to create a deep divide. The area experienced a long drought that threatened the livelihood of residents who rely on the skiing resorts in Lake Tahoe. These resorts attract tourists who boost the area’s economy on In late 2015, winter storms came early allowing snow to form over the region’s vast valleys and mountains. This meant that the resorts could open early and start receiving tourists, vacationers and thrill seekers looking to enjoy the vast ski area.

End of the Incorporation Battle

In addition to the early season storms, there was an incorporation battle between Squaw Valley and those who backed the incorporation attempt. Squaw Valley spent a lot of resources opposing the incorporation effort.

It could lead to increased taxation of businesses and people in a bid to raise enough money to support the new town. The money collected would be used to administer the town and provide key services. In addition, incorporation would lead to decreased levels and quality of services that residents have grown dependent on like the maintenance of roads and plowing snow.

Andy Wirth, the president and Chief Executive Officer of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, LLC, held the opinion that incorporation would lead to fiscal disaster. He added that it would have fundamental negative effects on business operations in the area. Furthermore, the move would incorporate Olympic Valleyfrom other communities living in the Lake Tahoe region. The communities pool together resources to handle the regional issues that arise.

A ruling by California State’s Local Agency Formation Commission ended the conflict after it was determined that the newly proposed town would not be able to support itself financially. After the ruling, incorporation backers formally withdrew their application.

Moving Forward

Andy Wirth urged all residents of Olympic Valley to stop all internal conflicts and come together to move forward. He said that it was important to forget the incorporation conflict and work cohesively to solve pertinent community issues facing them.

Andy Wirth

The company owns Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadow ski resorts. Wirth has worked tirelessly to make Olympic Valley one of the best ski destinations globally. He is hugely invested in various community service and environmental organizations operating in the region. The philanthropic CEO supports the country’s Navy SEAL Foundation annually by raising funds through the Wounded Warrior Support team.