David Giertz Explains Why People Deserve To Have Financial Advisers Help Them With Social Security

Over the years David Giertz has often been interviewed about money-related matters. Among these topics are social security and retirement. Many people have questions about social security, such as when to start taking it and in what manner. David Giertz says that people deserve to get help from their financial adviser when making these decisions. Unfortunately, he said in a Wall Street Journal interview that many aren’t getting that help from their present adviser.

He said that because pensions are mostly a thing of the past the majority of people in retirement rely upon what they saved up over their working years plus social security. The social security part can make up to 40% of many retirees incomes, sometimes even more. David Giertz said that Nationwide Financial recently had research performed and it found that because social security is so vital to get right that most people are more than willing to change advisers if they don’t get the advice they’re entitled to.

David has been in the financial services sector for over 30 years, some of that time being spent as a financial adviser himself. For many of those years he has been an executive, primarily at Nationwide Financial. His last position there, as the President of their sales and distribution division, revolved around developing retirement plans, life insurance products, annuities, and mutual funds. While he was in this position revenue rose from $11 billion a year to $17.8 billion annually.

David says that growing up his family didn’t have a lot of money so he had to pay for his own way through college. One of his jobs was at a grocery store chain where he had to clean and wax the floors. He said at this job he worked with some really good, hard-working people. The lesson he took away was to always treat people respectfully, no matter what they do for a living.

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Glen Wakeman: Founder of NovaFour

Glen Wakeman is an American businessman and entrepreneur, which is known for being a guest speaker in events hosted by the financial world. He is also revolutionizing businesses as we know it, and thinking of new ways on how to start a business. His company is responsible for guiding small scale business people to locate a place where the business can be built, and what they can do to make it grow. Glen Wakeman is known in the financial world as someone who passionately assists those who are still new to the market and wanted to make some tips on how to become a successful business person or investor. Read more on affiliatedork.com.

Glen Wakeman, upon establishing the Nova Four, only had one thing in mind, and that is to get rich. According to Glen Wakeman, it is very important for someone who wanted to become a successful trader to learn the secrets and techniques about trading and investment. Glen Wakeman, through his firm, is helping to educate the people in order for them to become financially literate. In our world today, splurging on anything is the norm. Smart people will be putting their money on their investment option, but most of them will just let the opportunity go to waste.

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Today, Glen Wakeman is doing encouraging speeches inside his Nova Four office. He really wanted to let the small scale business person so, so what he did was to provide his clients with many possible scenarios when someone does not invest their money right. Glen Wakeman also believes in several principles that he is still applying on his life. According to the businessman and entrepreneur, learning the methods of the stock market can really make an individual’s lifestyle so different.

The Nova Four is currently headed by Glen Wakeman, and he continues to enlighten the people about the advantages of investment. He is teaching his students online on how to tap the larger markets and become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. Before becoming an executive for Nova Four, Glen Wakeman has to experience several failures in life, including an incident where he just decided to quit. But he still moved on and continued. Read more about Glen Wakeman at Premier Gazette.


James Dondero Brings His Expertise to Expand His Charity Work

James Dondero, commonly known as Jim Dondero is the Highland Capital Management President and Co-Founder. Highland Capital Management is a firm that deals with investments and are based in Dallas. Apart from James been focused on investments, he is also a renowned philanthropist. He gives through Highland Capital Management. Recently, they focused on finding a partner who would help them come up with a more structured way of advancing and expanding their charitable acts.

Since there annual funds for giving had grown to a huge sum, they wanted to partner with a company that would help them manage these funds well. This is how The Dallas Foundation came on board. Since they had a team of experienced people who specialized in donor services, they were the best suited for this position. Through this partnership, a more structured and effective giving framework was developed. James’ funding is now benefiting courses in Dallas dealing with education, civic acts, and healthcare among others. Read more about James Dondero on Bloomberg.

James Dondero has more than 3 decades of experience when it comes to equity markets and credit. He uses his expertise to grow Highland Capital Management into a solution for credit to investors and companies looking to advance themselves. Some of their products include equity funds that are privately owned, hedge funds, ETFs, CLOs and mutual funds among others. James Dondero holds a chairman position at CCS Medical, NexBank Capital, Cornerstone Healthcare Group Holding and NexPoint Residential Trust.

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James Dondero serves as a board member at Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business and Jernigan Capital. Prior to starting Highland Capital Management, James held positions at American Express, Leap Wireless International, and JP Morgan. James has a Bachelor of Science degree in Commerce, where he majored in finance and accounting, which he achieved at the McIntire School of Commerce, University of Virginia. He has Certified Managerial Accountant, Chartered Financial Analyst and Certified Public Accountant certifications. All these credentials make it possible for him to offer calculated advice to his clients. Through the years, he has worked on enhancing his skills further and this is how he became an expert in his line of work. Visit Nexbank.com to know more about James.

Baltimore City- Todd Lubar explains the growth of real estate sector

Baltimore City is going to be one of the most developed cities in the United States according to real estate investor, Todd Lubar. Todd Lubar has an investor in the real estate industry for more than twenty years. He has witnessed all the dynamics that have been happening in the Baltimore real estate over the years. According to Todd, Baltimore is experiencing a change in the demographic structure. More young people are considering Baltimore as a Charm City where they can start their life after schools. Most of these young people are the young professionals who want to grow in their careers. The young generations have brought back life to the city which was almost becoming a dead city due to lack of permanent settlement in the city.

Todd Lubar says that the real estate sector in Baltimore has grown due to the huge demand of apartments and condominiums in the city by the young generation. The young generation has not been keen to invest in permanent settlement. Most of them are looking to invest in housing units that are rented. The huge demand for these apartments and condominiums has led to a huge number of investors setting up new buildings while others are renovating the old building that had been abandoned. The old generation has been leaving the city, but the young generations seem determined to change the narrative for this city. Check out Ideamensch to know more.

Baltimore has not only been in constant development for the real estate development only, but there has also been massive development in the public transportation sector. The public transport sector has been critical in linking the city to the outer areas including the suburbs of the city. It is now easier to access the city when living outside the city every day, for people who work in the city, they can be able to access the city without having to use their private vehicles.

About Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is the founder of a real estate companies that operate in Maryland. He is also the owner and founder of TDL Ventures, a firm that offers credit and financing services to people willing to invest in the real estate sector. For more you can visit his website toddlubar.com

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The successes of José Henrique Borghi

José Henrique Borghi is one of the most creative minds in the advertising industry in Brasil. He has created advertising campaigns for companies like Hyatt, Google, Western Union and many other international organizations.

He started his advertising career in 1989 after graduating from PUC Campinas in Advertising and Propaganda. He grew to become the vice president of Leo Burnett Agency and later in 2002 became the president. He formed an agency with another partner and formed the Lowe Advertising Agency. Jose became the president of the company. They later merged with another agency and formed the Mullen Lowe Agency. Jose was named the CO-CEO with Andre Gomes.

Some of the responsibilities that he has at the agency include the company’s social media, digital marketing and public relations. He has well trained and experienced specialists that help him come up with some of the best campaigns. Some of the specialists include content creators, advertising specialists and other professionals. Click here to know more.

One of the best qualities that he possesses is having persistence even when the situations are hard. He has been responsible many important jobs throughout his career. Recently, during the celebration of the International Women’s day, Jose and his team came up with a campaign to sensitize women and the public on the effects and the extent of violence against women. The campaign was to encourage women to report and come out immediately the experience violence against them.

Another campaign that Jose and his team has developed and caught the attention of many was the one he did for Fini. He helped the organization to develop an off line communication and brand positioning of Fini. This is to help Fini spread fun among its customers. In terms of promotion, Mullen Lowe Brasil developed a campaign and called it transformation where they created films encouraging people to smile with Fini as the brands transform their lives.

He has created campaigns that have remained in the minds of many for a long time.