College football betting has become a national past time. Actually, it’s been this way for a very long time. It’s just that now some of the younger people are getting more actively involved. You can find this sort of betting on college campuses and other places like this.

Betting on NCAAF odds is something you have to be smart about. You have to be smarter than the others, in order to win. This also includes the college betting system itself.

Below you will find a few tips on how to stay above the fray and get some wins under your belt.

1)Tip# 1. You have to go to and do some research. This is one of the more reliable sites and sources, when it comes tocollege football betting. You will all sorts of gems and stats on this site. You’ll get point spreads and an inside look at the best picks. Do yourself a favor and click If you intend to allow college football betting as a major or minor part of your life, you need to use this site.

2)Tip #2. The point spread can sometimes give you misinformation. Don’t just rely on what the stats tell you. Some teams are going to be for the win, others will not. Just because the stats say a popular team will win, that doesn’t mean they will. Be smart about this. Do your own homework. Popular doesn’t always translate to a win every time.

3)Tip #3. It’s good to know what your tolerance level is. If you feel you can’t handle the riskier bets, than do yourself a favor and sit them out. Betting is supposed to be about the math and science, not the emotions. Too many make it about the emotions, getting hurt when a win doesn’t happen. Some assume that the system rigged it to be this way. Sometimes it’s not the system. Sometimes it ends up being about your choice in team pick and tolerance risk.

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