Fabletics – High Quality and Affordable Active Wear

Fabletics is one of the premier brands in the world of athleisure products, and the reason why the company has been able to achieve tremendous success in a short period is that of its leadership. Fabletics is owned by Techstyle Fashion Group, co-owned by Don Ressler, Adam Goldenberg, and Kate Hudson. Don and Adam are known to be successful and serial entrepreneurs over the years, and Kate Hudson has helped bring in her expertise about the fashion world to the business.


The trend of wearing active wear is fast catching up with the people, but there aren’t many brands that are offering athleisure products at economical prices. It is where Fabletics come in. The company offers a huge variety of athleisure gear at an affordable price from sizes XS to 3X, which helps women to buy whatever they want from any sizes. Fabletics continues to add new designs to its collection from time to time to ensure that the audience always has something new to look forward to. The company recently collaborated with the celebrity, Demi Lovato, to launch a new designer edition that has become highly popular among the people.


The popularity of Kate Hudson, Golden Globe winner and hugely popular actress, has also helped in attracting a lot of women towards the brand. Fabletics has been able to successfully market itself as an aspirational and economical brand that cares for the customers. At present, the company has close to over 1,500 employees out of which 1,000 are dedicated towards customer service. The company serves to the customers worldwide, and has a presence in eight countries so far and plans to branch out to many other nations in the time to come. Kate Hudson says that one of the reasons why they started Fabletics was to help people get quality active wear without having to spend a fortune. The company’s VIP membership model that allows the members to get a huge discount and monthly three products for a nominal price is also a huge hit.


Fabletics has been able to give huge e-commerce companies like Amazon a tough run for its money in the category of athleisure products because of the reverse showroom technique implemented by Fabletics. It has helped Fabletics to reach out to a wider audience across the country in an efficient manner, without worrying about losing on its existing customer base. If you want to buy from Fabletics, it is recommended you take Lifestyle Quiz offered at its site.

Fabletics: Shaking Up The Buying Process and Helping Us Look Good Doing It

Have you heard of Kate Hudson’s line of ultra-trendy fitness wear, Fabletics? If not, you will soon. The company is skyrocking to the top of the market and its phenomenal growth and user adoption in the first three years has been compared to brands like mega-unicorn Apple. Fabletics saw 43% growth in 2016 and 2017 shows to be only outpacing the incredible success of the prior year.


Besides growth statistics, one of the most impressive things about Fabletics is the millions of incredibly loyal consumers the brand has cultivated. While that is likely in large part of offering fun, quality articles of active wear at a modest price point, another reason is the unique user experience the brand is providing to its users.


Fabletics utilizes a reverse showroom experience. This means that instead of asking consumers to troll into a store and offer the same experience to, say, a yoga instructor that they would to a soccer player or a marathon runner, the company invites buyers into an online showroom where styles are catered to their pre-determined tastes. This also means that instead of putting money into the overhead of traditional “showrooms” of stores – the company has just a few ultra-key locations – they are able to offer their high-end products at a better cost by doing digital first throug a reverse showroom. It’s a win, win for everyone – especially the users that are not only incredibly loyal to Fabletics, but are perhaps its biggest walking testimonial through social media and word-of-mouth marketing.


Another important thing to remember is that this is truly Kate Hudson’s brand. She doesn’t just pose in the clothes in commercials, she is hands on in nearly every aspect of the company. A recent CNBC article focused on what exactly she is doing to help fuel the brands success and what tips she gives others to mirror such phenomenal growth.


Other than being hands on, she recommends looking for gaps in the market and utilizing big data to meet curated consumer needs, rather than marketing en masse. She originally founded Fabletics because a quality piece of athletic wear that was at a moderately affordable price point didn’t exist at the time. Her instinct was correct and now her line of “athleisure” wear can be seen everywhere from gyms and fitness studios to brunch tables across the globe.


Interested in seeing what Fabletics is all about? Users can get a peek into the wonderful experience provided on their website by taking the LifeStyle Quiz – a fun quiz that fuses your personal style with fitness preferences to generate a unique experience that would translate directly into the outfits you receive monthly. Check it out!