The Mighty Fortress Church, the church with a keen eye on Thanksgiving to God

Minneapolis is home to several amazing churches that are rich in history and offer stunning architectural beauty. The Our Lady of Angels church in Sauk Center is a perfect example. One can find the church unassuming from the outside. However, the interior reveals one of the most beautiful interiors of any church in the State of Minnesota. The church offers a vivid painting of Mary inside the dome that ascends to the clouds.

The Holy Communion Church in St. Peter near Mankato is another perfect example of stunning churches in Minneapolis. The church features an A-frame with Gothic inspiration. It was built in 1869 using Kasota, a locally sourced limestone. On each side of its sloping roof, gabled eye windows are uniquely installed. The church has a bright red door that borrows its design from the medieval-Gothic era. This church’s beauty earns it a historic attraction to the town at the Minnesota River Valley. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on Linkedin.

The Christ is the King Catholic Church at Browerville is another example of classic historic beauty. The church was built by Polish immigrants in the late 1800’s. Its copper domes and ornate steeple perfectly display the old Baroque Revival architectural designs. The church is located on the main drag through the town of Browerville.

The Mighty Fortress Church believes that worship is key when it comes to encouraging and building their followers weekly. The church focuses on what God has done for us in our lives. The church comprises a band, choir and worship team that aims at bringing the presence of God to the atmosphere during all services. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on

Weekly practical bible based principals are shared to nurture the faith of believers. These teachings are aimed at directing believers to a prosperous and victorious life. All individuals are invited to experience the Godly atmosphere and to show their appreciation towards God. The church offers answers to life’s challenges.

Bishop Thomas Williams is the founder, president and senior pastor of the Mighty Fortress Church. He has practiced active ministry for more than 30 years. He has served in various positions in the Body of Christ. Through his devotion and hard work, he has earned himself deep respect amongst ministers of the Gospel.


Historian, Author And World-Renowned Antique Weapons Collector Michael Zomber

Micheal R. Zomber of Philadelphia, born in Washington D.C. studied and earned a master’s degree in English Literature from UCLA. Zomber’s road to success and recognition for his passion and expertise was not one easily gained without overcoming his share of personal and professional trials.

Zomber was sentenced to serve 2 years and 6 months in prison. While serving this unjust sentence, Micheal remained productive by tutoring prisoners and writing seven books including ‘Shogun lemitsu’ a fiction novel with emphasis on Samurai weaponry. In November of 2008 the United States Court of Appeals exonerated Zomber, and in July of 2009 the charges against Micheal R. Zomber were dropped under the contingencies that Zomber would not seek compensation for wrongful persecution.

Featured as a forty year expert historian on A&E and The History Chanel’s Series ‘Tales of the Gun’ Mr Zomber specializes in sixteenth to nineteenth century European, Islamic, Japanese and American arms.