The Stunning Philanthropic Works of Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein was born in Haifa, Israeli then moved to Kiryat Motzkin where he spent most of his childhood. Mr. Adam has been residing in the United States of America since 1981. Before then, he used to live in Israel where he got his bachelor’s degree in business and economics from the most prestigious university in Israel, Technion Institute of Technology. He also served in the Israeli Defense Force where he fought for his country in the Yom Kippur War. He got married to Gila Elgrably in 1974 and together they have three daughters. He later joined the University of California for his master’s degree in Business Administration. After that, he joined Hager Pacific, a real estate firm where he started his career as a sales agent

With the help of his wife, they founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation which sponsors students programs and helps upcoming professionals understand their Jewish culture. Later on, he advanced his wings to the real estate business and has become a successful entrepreneur in the United States of America. He has merged with other real estate businesses in America, and together they have revolutionized the industry.

As some successful men give back to the society, Adam joined the list of these few people. He has been charitable to many organizations. These generous acts were inspired by a friend who fuels some Jewish custom whereby he gives a tithe of his salary to the needy. Consequently, he dedicated his whole life to giving generously to his Israeli-American community. His philanthropy has shown much light in his entire career and currently, he sits at many philanthropic organizations which include Hasbara Fellowships, the Israel on Campus Coalition, the Jewish Funders Network, Los Angeles Board of Birthright Israel etcetera.

Most important reason why he is greatly engaged in these outreach programs is that he wants to bring the people of Israel and America together to strengthen their bond. Having touched the hearts of many, Adam has left a legacy in the lives of many and is also a role model to many other generous people like him.

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Paul Mampilly Urges Investors To Visualize The Future Before Investing

Paul Mampilly is the go-to person in matters investments and money markets. He is the founder of Profits Unlimited, a newsletter that provides professional guidance to Americans who are willing to invest in the American stock market. The newsletter informs Americans on when to invest and when to divest from the stock market among other invaluable advice.

Mampilly’s newsletters have gained popularity with many Americans. Perhaps, because of his vast experience acquired from Wall Street and other professional positions, but one thing stands out about Mampilly: he is a hands-on person, he has an impressive investment record. Mampilly’s investments at Netflix and Sarepta Therapeutics yielded notable returns. In 2008 when he invested in Netflix, the company share prices rose substantially enabling him to recoup his investment with a profit to boot. In 2012, Mampilly acquired shares at Sarepta which he later sold for 2000% profit.

Paul Mampilly often gets asked the question, ‘’what should I invest in?’’ He has three answers: electric vehicles, precision medicine, and food delivery systems. He supports his investment options with detailed explanations.


Mampilly observes the dining habits of millennials, and he believes that investors are out to make a killing from these eating preferences. Millennials prefer to have their food delivered to their homes. Food delivery companies are on the rise, and Mampilly urges investors to buy stocks from food distribution companies.

Some car manufacturers such as Tesla Motors are on the verge of revolutionizing land transport with the introduction of electric vehicles. Mampilly argues that gasoline powered cars will be eliminated soon. He urges investors to put their money in companies that are offering alternatives to gas powered vehicles.

Precision medicine aims to personalize the treatment provided to patients. It involves personalization of healthcare with medical decisions, practices, and products that are targeted to the individual patient. Mampilly believes that technology is hastening the pace at which we are approaching precision medicine and forward thinking people should consider this field.

Mampilly is an American investor with interests in finance, investment, and Wall Street. He worked at Banker’s Trust, Royal Bank of Scotland, ING, and Deutsche Bank before retiring to concentrate on his family and his interests which involves helping Americans make wise investment decisions.

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George Soros is Getting Back to his Investment Roots

Billionaire George Soros is getting back to his roots in terms of investments. This savvy investor has been in the business for well over 50 years and is considered a magnate in the business world. Soros has a hedge fund company called Soros Fund Management LLC that he allows to be managed by a competent chief investment officer. This individual usually manages Soros’s investments according to the billionaire’s directions.

Over the last few years Soros has been busy on the campaigning and speaking out at various political forums all over the world. George Soros is heavily involved in U.S. and international politics. He was born in 1930 within the nation of Hungary. He was a teenager during World War II and he experienced life under Adolph Hitler. Soros is Jewish and though his family managed to escape the Holocaust they still had to endure many of the troubles that affected the Jewish people under the Nazi regime.

That part of life is now over for Soros. He has moved on into the world of finance. However, Soros’s “front line” experiences during World War II will never be forgotten. That time period in the billionaire’s life has helped to make him an international player on the political scene. This is important because his past life is what helps to make him successful as a modern investor and political speaker.

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Cramer: Investing like George Soros will never make you rich

Here’s How George Soros’s Latest Predictions Have Played Out

Soros is involved in politics because it helps to make him money. He has an uncanny ability to figure out when a nation is in political or social trouble. When these two factors are present, he already knows that their economy is going downhill. Once he can see a country’s economic troubles brewing he knows exactly how to profit off of it. He did this back in 1992 when England’s economy was in trouble. George Soros sold his investments within the British pound for less than what they were worth and literally made billions of dollars from this move.

Soros is now getting back to his roots with investing because he sees more opportunities for making more money. China is the current place where Soros is keeping his focus. Apparently, China is starting to decline and Soros claims that this country might trigger another recession in the world that was similar to the U.S. troubles back in 2008.

Soros is spending more time within his firm so that he can personally take control of his wealth and to continue building up his success as an investor. More information about Soros’s return to investing is available on the Wall Street Journal.

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