In the previous OnePlanet Awards, Troy McQuagge was acknowledged as the CEO of the year. The top CEO was rewarded the Golden title based on his notable track record. OnePlanet Award is a platform that is associated with appreciating the efforts of individuals as well corporates in the business word. Companies and businesses around the world are allowed to participate in the competition. OnePlanet Awards gives each candidate an equal chance of emerging a winner regardless of their mode of operation. Willing candidates submit their names to the platform. In return, OnePlanet picks the winners from the list based on their contributions to the business world.

Troy is the CEO of USHEALTH. The renowned business person, Troy, has been steering USHEALTH to positive records at an incredible rate. Troy has been working with USHEALTH for about seven years. Since joining the firm, Troy was expected to monitor its refurbishment. He was to rebuild the firm’s modes of operation for the benefit of the clientele.

The fact that Troy McQuagge was handpicked from a list of very successful business persons, is evident that he is steering USHEALTH on the right track. To Troy, the award comes as an acknowledgment to his firm’s continued effort in supporting the needy persons in the society. Under Troy’s tenure, USHEALTH has been growing tremendously regarding the profit margins. Regardless of the competitive market, USHEALTH has managed to record more than what is expected of them. In 2014, only a short period after joining the firm, Troy McQuagge was appointed as the president of the company.

Most colleagues at work refer to Troy McQuagge as a team player who is passionate in utilizing each staff’s skills while achieving a common goal. While addressing the media, Troy stated that the award belongs to every person associated with USHEALTH firm. To him, were it not for each and every staff’s contribution, his efforts in transforming the firm wouldn’t be noticed. Also, Troy declared that his team will continue improving the firm’s name while providing customers with affordable healthcare solutions.

Troy McQuagge boasts of his broad experience in the sales and insurance industry. He has been in the game for more than 30 years, serving different sectors. Troy started his career in 1983 at Allstate Insurance Company. In 1995, he joined UICI. After several years in service, he was promoted to the company’s president. Later on, Troy joined UGA and under his leadership, the company achieved notable sales record.

Troy McQuagge is a graduate of the Central Florida University with a BA degree. Over and over again, Troy McQuagge has managed to achieve incredible results, particularly in the competitive markets. As a result, he has earned a great reputation. To most junior staff that he has worked with, Troy is a boss with a solution for every challenge. Troy is equipped with world-class communication skills which greatly assist in improving the USHEALTH Company. Besides, Troy engages in charity acts. He is associated with charity organizations such as HopeKids Dallas, Crisis Nursery Phoenix, among many others.