The Leadership At U.S. Money Reserve

  1. Money Reserve is among the largest private distributors in the U.S. that issue gold, silver as well as platinum coins.

According to Crunchbase, Angela Koch is the CEO of U.S. Money Reserve, and she talks about how she has made use of KPIs in order to boost the success of her team. She has always strived to build a positive work environment at U.S. Money.

This is a company that likes to create value as well as opportunities for others. This is why Angela Koch oversees all the aspect of operations here. This helps to set the pace for the organization.

She had joined U.S. Money Reserve during 2003 and became its Chief Executive Officer in 2015. She has extensive experience in business planning, mergers, strategy, besides due diligence, as well as acquisitions, and operations. Hence she knows how to run a business successfully.

  1. Money Reserve has just come out with its site to make it convenient for its customers to make purchases online. Besides, there are customer service assistants who listen to the customers, understand their goals and then advise them accordingly. Besides, the site provides complete safety so that customers can purchase online with ease.

Angela Koch has created the analytic and KPI structure here in order to improve performance. Now, real-time data along with analysis is used for measuring performance. She has managed to position U.S. Money Reserve as a leader in precious metals. The company is focused on its customers as well as employees first. Learn more about U.S. Money Reserves:

She was working as an executive at Harrell Gourmet LLC earlier. Before this, she was with the strategic business development team. This was at KLA-Tencor.

She believes in facets like strong work ethic, besides business integrity, as well as honesty, along with a positive attitude in order to be successful. She is always open to learning. She likes to set goals and achieve them. All this contributes to a successful business. At U.S. Money Reserve, Angela Koch believes that it is people who make the business, and hence they should be invested upon.

At U.S. Money Reserve, everyone is striving for perfection. They like to give importance to their customers and take pride in serving them. They have qualified and experienced staff that ensures that their customers are able to make profits. There are a lot of testimonials to this effect.

Angela Koch lives with her husband Michael and seven kids in Cedar Park, Texas.