All a Dream? Harry Potter Film Theories to Change Your Mind!


If you enjoy books like Game of Thrones, like ‘Percy Jackson’ or ‘The Hobbit’, where magic is blended with youthful vibrancy and action hijinx, then Harry Potter was probably your jam growing up. Harry Potter is probably the largest young adult phenomenon since Pokemon and it continues to grow with fans rabidly pouring over both the films and the books. Today we are taking a glance some incredible Harry Potter based film fan theories to see just what this legion of adoring viewers could scrub up.


  1. Arthur Weasley Was Under the Imperius Curse!

One of the stranger Harry Potter fan theories out there includes the Weasley family leader being placed under the Imperius Curse for the duration of the books and films. In the Harry Potter universe the Imperius Curse basically puts you under prolonged mind control. Fans theorize that Arthur’s hatred of Lucious, his respect for Mad Eye, and a few quips by Barty Crouch Jr (“Ah, yes, Ron. Your father would know that one..” point to this fact.


  1. Harry Potter Hallucinated the Whole Thing.

Every single Harry Potter movie, in the second part, ends with Harry returning once again to the Dursley’s home and the life that he couldn’t wait to get away from. This theory believes that Harry made up Hogwarts and all of his resulting adventures after having gone mad from living under the cupboard. While this would be a cop out for a great adventure, it would make the dream-like atmosphere of the films make more sense.