Andy Wirth Thinks Positive Thinking Spells Out Hope For Drought According To Recent KCRW Interview

Squaw Valley has one of the most interesting CEO Presidents to hold the position in many years. He has been with the company for several years and has over 25 years experience working with the top resorts in the country.

Born in West Germany, Andy Wirth spent his childhood as any other boy. He had big dreams and made his dreams come true by attending Colorado University and Edinburgh in Scotland. One of his jobs was a Wilderness Ranger in San Pedro Parks. Learn more about Andy Wirth: and

He also was a backcountry ranger for Rocky National Parks. These positions helped him to create a background that would later assist him with his position as CEO for a ski resort. Andy was President of Mountain Village Partnership until 2010. In the year 2010, Andy took the position with Squaw Valley Holdings.

During his position with Squaw Valley, Andy has had several things to overcome. One was his skydiving accident in the valley. He almost cut off his arm when he fell and hit a post during a dive.

He also was instrumental in settling the merger dispute with Alpine Meadow. Recently Andy was asked about the resort business and how he felt about the recent drought. His answers were smart and well thought out. Andy gives other resorts hope with the answers he gave during this interview.

The state of California has been hit with one of the worst droughts in history. Because of this drought, California residents are being asked to cut back on their water usage.

Most of the residents are concerned about what this drought may mean to the upcoming ski season. Will there be enough moisture and snow to open the resorts? Will tourism suffer and will people stay away from the ski resorts?

Andy Wirth has some of the answers to these questions. He hopes the recent interview he did with Press play and KCRW’s Madeline Brand will help people get the answers or reassurance they need to go on with their winter plans.

Madeline Brand starts her interview by welcoming Andy to KCRW and Press Play. She asks what Andy thinks about the water cut back and the 20% decline in tourism.

Andy did not bat an eye when he began explaining that so far the area businesses will still remain profitable if they take the right stance and they have the right attitude towards the season. He uses the example of the 6000 available acres and how it is still great for tourism is 4000 of them has snow on them.

According to Andy, the season and winter will all fine with more snow, an absence of the ridge and good planning.