Whitney Wolfe Leaves Tinder And Creates Line In The Sand With Bumble

When Whitney Wolfe left Tinder she did not have a clear destination in mind. At the time she was considering the creation of an app for anti-bullying.

She knew that there was a lot of cyber bullying going on, and her heart was going out towards this area of app design. It would be a friend that would give Whitney Wolfe the confidence to consider going solo with another dating app after she left the company she co-founder called Tinder.

This would be the dating app that would evolve as a feminist dating app. This would definitely draw the line in the sand and separate Whitney Wolfe from her past life as the co-founder of Tinder. This former app has become one of the most successful free dating apps on the internet. Whitney Wolfe knew that she was up against a juggernaut when it came to creating a brand new dating app. She had already broken ground as the co-founder what had become one of the most successful dating apps. Now she had to be in direct competition with an app that she helped create.

Many other entrepreneurs may have backed down from a challenge. Whitney Wolfe knew that she had a chance to compete by creating an app that was similar to what she had already contrived. This familiarity would be the thing that would drive people to use her new app. What Whitney Wolfe also knew was that she had to create something that was different in order to get people to leave Tinder and consider Bumble.

The thing that would make Bumble different from Tinder was the way that women were appointed as the ones that would make the first move. This would be the thing that Whitney Wolfe needed to separate herself from other dating apps.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrxxBd1UJxg