Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny Explorer of Life

For a lot of people the idea of treating cancer or to stop the aging process seems like something just past impossible. However to someone like Mikhail Blagosklonny it is part of his lifes work to study and research both of these issues and to find an answers. Dr. Blagosklonny is the professor of Oncology at Buffalo, New York’s Rosewell Cancer Institute. He has written, studied, and published many articles on cancer and the subject of aging. View Mikhail’s profile on Google Scholar.

During his research Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny has reported the effects of a drug called Rapaymycin. The drug Rapaymycin is the drug given to patients after receiving an organ transplant. This drug is known to help the body from rejecting the organ while not being as toxic to the kidneys as previous anti-rejection drugs. However, in his studies Dr. Blagosklonny has seen that Rapaymycin is more than just a drug for organ rejection. He is studying this drug in many other medical conditions.

There has been work with Rapaymycin that has helped with a lung disease called Lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM), removal of facial angiofibromas, and a coronary stent coating. Rapaymycin is also known as Sirolimus within the medical community and this is being used to help treat cancer. Doctors are seeing that Rapaymycin is helping the body fight tumors and for transplant patients who take the drug for anti-rejection a lower incidence of cancer is occuring.

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Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny sees the future in curing cancer and saving patients from the pain and cost of this awful disease. His research and life’s work in the field of cancer research and aging will continue to inspire and motivate a cure. Dr. Blagosklonny is taking his research in a way of developing a way to save a patients healthy cells while trying to kill off the bad cells. The future holds much hope and hard work that he is not afraid of. He also sees that cancer treatments are currently some of the most costly and for some patients impossible. This is something that Dr. Blagosklonny sees changing in the future. He wants research and study to find a way that this disease can be eradicated for every person no matter their social standing.

With Dr. Blagosklonny’s work on cancer, aging, and the uses of Rapaymycin it seems as if there is light at the end of the tunnel. Unafraid of hard work and a definite explorer of roads not travelled Dr. Blagosklonny will continue his search and teachings for a better quality of life. Read more about Mikhail on Crunchbase.

Dr. Mark Holterman Strives to Improve the Health of Children

Dr. Mark Holterman is a very busy man. He’s a surgeon, but also works as a researcher, and is a full-time educator and philanthropist. Holterman is perhaps best known for his philanthropic efforts with the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam (IPSAC-VN). This organization has had a huge hand in protecting and saving the lives of children in Vietnam. Medical students in the country are also taught about cutting edge procedures and technologies that make surgery safer and more efficient. Individuals who want to help with this cause can volunteer to travel to Vietnam to directly assist pediatric patients, or provide their financial support. Read more at Vitals to know more about Dr. Mark Holterman.

Holterman was born and raised in Wisconsin to parents who owned a farm and never attended college. He was an exceptional student in high school, and one of his teachers recommended that he apply for Yale University. While his parents were very skeptical initially, the future Dr. Holterman was accepted into Yale and enjoyed his time there.

Holterman was a biology major and received his bachelor’s degree in 1980. He then entered medical school at the University of Virginia. He planned to become a pediatrician and got involved with the National Institutes of Health program so that he could also become a medical scientist. Read more about his interview at ideamensch.com.

Dr. Holterman also met Ai-Xuan Le while studying in Virginia. Le was an intelligent and promising student who would become a surgeon as well. She’d previously graduated from Texas Christian University, and she and Holterman found that they shared a number of similar goals and aspirations. Dr. Mark Holterman was inspired to become a surgeon in addition to being a pediatrician as a result of Le’s influence; Le was motivated to become a pediatrician as well as a surgeon after being inspired by Holterman. The two realized that their bond was romantic as well, and they become husband and wife in 1988. The couple now have three sons.

Holterman and Le have continued their work to save the lives of Vietnamese pediatric patients, and work with philanthropic organizations to provide services like brain surgery, organ transplants and tumor removal. Holterman also serves as a professor at the University of Illinois College of Medicine.

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Whitney Wolfe Answers the Call to Revamp Social Media and Dating Apps

Michael Herd is the restaurant and oil business man that recently married Whitney Wolfe Herd. Many people may not know his name, but his wife is someone that has gained a tremendous amount of accolades for her work in social media app development. When people hear Whitney Wolfe they hear about Bumble. This is the dating app that she created, and it has grown in a way that many people may not have realized. It has become the social media app on steroids that has expanded beyond dating, and app users cannot seem to get enough of it.

Whitney Wolfe has definitely got a golden ticket to the Chocolate Factory of social media, and users of the app are praising her for making it easier to do lots of different things without having lots of different apps installed on their phone.

It may have never occurred to other social media app developers to create an app that would allow people to build network contacts, make friends and explore the possibilities of dating all under one app environment, but Whitney Wolfe did think of this. She made sure that people were able to connect with this app in a way that would allow them to bring forth the whole new vibe for exploring social media. Whitney Wolfe has done her very best to create the type of app environment that is going to make people stand up and take notice of the app technology that she is bringing to the market. It has been noticed in many different circles.

People that are looking for app technology that is going to give them an upper hand on maximizing their time cannot overlook Bumble. Whitney Wolfe has definitely caught on to what social media users need, and she has done her very best to bring this full force with a Bumble dating app that also has communities like Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz.

She may have been getting married on the Amalfi Coast, but she really had her mind on building an app environment where people could connect in many different ways. She knew that as a recent bride that there was going to be more to app development than simply creating a dating app. As she celebrated the night away for her wedding it is very possible that Wolfe may have been thinking about ways to improve the company that she created.

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The Oncology journal: Oncotarget Improves Access To The Latest Findings

Oncotarget is a peer-reviewed multidisciplinary journal that was launched in 2010 by scientists working in cancer research and other areas of oncology biology. It is an open access journal to help in the dissemination of oncology research results to large numbers of people and researchers around the world. Oncotarget aims at making scientific research on cancer widely available. However, the journal also publishes a lot of findings other topics such as aging, immunology, microbiology, and pathology. Download output styles at Endnote.com.

Cancer has become a serious public health concern, and it is encouraging that Oncotarget has focused its energies on making oncology findings available to those involved in the frontline war against this stubborn disease. Oncotarget makes bi-weekly publications to ensure that there is a constant flow of information. This is how it contributes to scientific progress in oncology; by publishing work of some of the leading lights in the field. The journal intends to make scientific evidence easy to share. Oncotarget brings together various experts in multiple oncology fields to expand the number of topics covered in the journal. Watch this video on Youtube.

The journal has had an enormous impact since inception. It has a broad reach of about ten thousand cities to date. This has turned it into one of the most reliable and accessible medical journals for oncology. It has been indexed by Biosis previews, Scopus and Index Medicus. It is an excellent success and can be credited to high editorial standards set by the editors. Oncotarget has some of the most distinguished scientists and researchers for editors including notable Nobel prize winners.

Oncotarget also promotes the application of its research to future scientific inquiry. That is why it sponsors medical conferences around the world. The Gordon research conference recently held in Italy is one example. That discussed everything ranging from stem cell aging, progression to cancer initiation. At the Frontiers in Cancer Science Conference, Oncotarget proudly sponsored the work of several scientists working on cutting edge treatments for cancer. Multiple scholars received accolades and distinguished honors for their work in the field of oncology. By creating an environment for scientific exchange Oncotarget has furthered the way that oncology is discussed and research is propagated.

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Famous Banking Institution in Texas

NextBank is a famous institution in Texas that deals with finances . NextBank deals with helping people out with commercial banking , mortgage banking and also provides institutional services. What are these service and what do they involve ? I will be glad to explain to you what they are. The commercial Bank services is the type of financial institution that accepts deposited for people to deposit money into their account ,bidders checking account services . They also provide personal and mortgage loans. They deal with other aspects such as saving accounts to individuals and small businesses. They help provide many services and they are a wonderful working progress helping people with their financial problems and giving them a solutions to help keep their money secured ! People trust companies shuch as NextBank to help them with their finances. We live in a world today where there is so much debt in today’s society and many nations are also in debt . Corporations like NextBank help move the money to make the world go around. We need services like these because it helps keeps millions of people finances in order; thus making it easier for people to be able to manage their money all the time not just sometimes . The fact that NextBank helps with Mortage banking is a a big thing in today’s society because wth our it many people would not have homes to have rent or buy to have as their own. Real estate help provide many homes for people looking to satisfy the needs of many! This is such a great investment because it provides people with shelter. RealEstate is everywhere and is one of the most amazing things that we have here today ! NextBank helps with things like that ; things that are big investments but also with the small things that are little investments . Also this gives people the ability to be able to get access like an everyday Bank should do for its people; nextbank manages to meet all the needs of its people! I’m glad to have nextbank existing today because it is serving thousands and housands of people ! It is a very brand finacal advisor type of service !

Jason Hopes’ New Book Enlightens Us on The Evolution and Revolution of The Internet

Jason hope is the author of his new book, “Understanding the Internet of Things Revolution: A quick guide for thriving in the IoT Era.” He writes this book with the hopes to provide information to the public on how to orient oneself to be successful in an ever-changing dynamic our world is facing through the internets rapid growth.

Jason Hope is a writer for several internet and tech-centered sites. In his hometown of Scottsdale, Arizona, Jason started his own business. This business involves the application of mobile technology and has further increased his capacity to speak about how the tech and internet side of our world is growing. A combination of his successful business and knowledge content shared has endowed him with the title futurist. He seems to have a knack for looking at current technology trends and predicting the outcomes and directions certain technologies are going. Some of his predictions have been a reduction of time in grocery stores and how our driving will be altered through the applying of technology such as dual ownership and car sharing in multiple areas. Some ideas are coming to past while others seem only years away from becoming a reality. His latest book covers tons of content to explain in depth the impending internet of things revolution.

Jason Hope explains in his book how technology will involve greater levels of convenience for people. Technology will eventually become infinitely more integrated into our homes, education, moment to moment interaction with the world. He discusses how was this force is both powerfully beneficial, it is equally disruptive. Jason hopes to shine a light on how it can be used responsibly, how it can be regulated, and protecting ourselves from a breach of our privacy. As technology becomes more of a household necessity for our day in and day out existence we must learn how to conduct ourselves in a manner that we do not jeopardize our rights and freedom. The internet is slowly and surely connecting all people through the medium of the internet. The internet can be used for so much good, but just like most things can prove to be a double-edged sword.

Purchasing Jason Hopes book will help us understand our role in the evolution of the internet. While it may not be an uprising of machine robots to enslave us, we must be wary through knowledge not to enslave ourselves.

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Brown Modeling Agency & The New Age of Professional Modeling

Professional modeling is one of the most fascinating industries on earth. Some of the freshest new faces can be found within this exclusive field of work. Have you ever heard of Brown Modeling Agency? The agency is named after its founder Justin Brown, and it has set new standards within the industry thanks to its wide array of services. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, this agency is a combination of Heyman Talent-South and Wilhelmina. There is a variety of talent under this umbrella, and the talent works in numerous fields. This includes commercial, runway, fashion, industrial video, promotions, film, television, print and numerous others.


According to Market Wired, Justin Brown has done an amazing job with grooming the talent. He has been in the business for many years, and he has worked as a model himself. The Reno, Nevada, native has brought new excitement to the city of Austin as well as Central Texas. In other words, this is a full-service agency and many of the talent has landed huge jobs with some of the most high-profile brands. The brands include L’Oréal, Toyota, Bing, Brighthouse, TNT, HBO, Dell and Landshark Beer. “We are only as good as our talent,” said Brown. This guy has a firm understanding of what it takes to make it in such of a demanding business. Though Brown Agency is in a smaller, lesser-known market, it has become a rival to the agencies in the larger market. Brown has stated that the company prides itself in selecting the best talent. This notion is absolutely true thanks to Brown Modeling Agency’s ever-growing resume.


The agency also holds plenty of open calls. This has been a great way for discovering new talent. Its official website has a ton of informative material on how to get into the business, and it hosts plenty of model profiles. Is there anything that this agency can’t do? Thanks to its budding career, Brown Modeling Agency has made a name for itself in only a short period of time. Who knows what the future will hold for this talent, but as of right now, these talented individuals are on the fast track to success.



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Why People Need to Benefit from Talkspace

Mental health disorders are incredibly common and affect millions of people all over the world. From anxiety that causes you to not want to leave the house to crippling depression that affects your physical state and well-being. People with bipolar may find that they have issues maintaining relationships and jobs. If you’ve been struggling with a mental health disorder of any kind, even if it’s just due to everyday stress, going for therapy can be highly beneficial. However, not many people have the time to go and see a therapist because of the cost and inconvenience factors.

Because of the need for home-based therapy, the folks at Talkspace provided a service that just about anyone can benefit from using. Talkspace is different from traditional therapy, since it brings your therapy sessions into your own home simply by offering a downloadable app that can be put onto a phone, tablet or computer. After downloading Talkspace, you’re matched with a therapist who is going to help you see your problems in a different light so that you can overcome problems and feel better about your current situation. What sets Talkspace apart from your ordinary therapy sessions is that it’s a lot more convenient. You don’t need to get out and to a local office just to see a professional. Instead, you open up the Talkspace app and start messaging your therapist anytime and anywhere.

Along with being highly convenient, Talkspace is much cheaper than other methods. You only pay a few dollars a day to belong to the Talkspace family and have full 24/7 access to a therapist who is licensed, trained and experienced in the problems you’re experiencing. Because of the benefits of Talkspace and how it has worked for so many, thousands of people have already downloaded the program and are using it daily.

Glen Wakeman: Founder of NovaFour

Glen Wakeman is an American businessman and entrepreneur, which is known for being a guest speaker in events hosted by the financial world. He is also revolutionizing businesses as we know it, and thinking of new ways on how to start a business. His company is responsible for guiding small scale business people to locate a place where the business can be built, and what they can do to make it grow. Glen Wakeman is known in the financial world as someone who passionately assists those who are still new to the market and wanted to make some tips on how to become a successful business person or investor. Read more on affiliatedork.com.

Glen Wakeman, upon establishing the Nova Four, only had one thing in mind, and that is to get rich. According to Glen Wakeman, it is very important for someone who wanted to become a successful trader to learn the secrets and techniques about trading and investment. Glen Wakeman, through his firm, is helping to educate the people in order for them to become financially literate. In our world today, splurging on anything is the norm. Smart people will be putting their money on their investment option, but most of them will just let the opportunity go to waste.

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Today, Glen Wakeman is doing encouraging speeches inside his Nova Four office. He really wanted to let the small scale business person so, so what he did was to provide his clients with many possible scenarios when someone does not invest their money right. Glen Wakeman also believes in several principles that he is still applying on his life. According to the businessman and entrepreneur, learning the methods of the stock market can really make an individual’s lifestyle so different.

The Nova Four is currently headed by Glen Wakeman, and he continues to enlighten the people about the advantages of investment. He is teaching his students online on how to tap the larger markets and become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. Before becoming an executive for Nova Four, Glen Wakeman has to experience several failures in life, including an incident where he just decided to quit. But he still moved on and continued. Read more about Glen Wakeman at Premier Gazette.


Jorge Moll: Brain Discovery

This article is about a Neuroscientist by the name of Jorge Moll. It will also give general information about him in the end of the article. One day two neuroscientists from the National Institute of Health, Moll and another neuroscientist named Jordan Graffman were conducting an experiment. They were scanning brains of volunteers to experiment in a hypothetical question. This is if they would keep money for themselves or give it to charity instead. Follow Jorge on linkedin.com.

The results had shown something surprising to the volunteers who put others interests first. The old part of the brain has lightened up in response to something like food. The experiment had suggested that altruism wasn’t a superior moral faculty which subdues the selfish urges but instead had been more basic to the brain. It was pleasurable and hard-wired.

That discovery which states that unselfishness can have a good feeling is landed by scientific support. This is from spiritual leaders like Saint Francis of Assai. Graffman, and other are utilizing psychological experiments in studying if morality has lifted up a new window which it is meant to be good. A researcher from Harvard named Marc Hauser has designed clever psychological experiments in studying morality. He used his research to figure out that people all over the world brain’s read questions the exact way. This shows that moral thinking is innate to the human brain. This is rather than being a culture product.

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Now some general information about Jorge Moll. Moll is a graduate of Federal University in Rio de Janeiro Brazil. He graduated in the year 1994. After that he completed Neurology resident in that university as well. In the year 2003, he completed his thesis. The thesis was an fMRI in sensitivity and moral judgement. In 2004-2007 Jorge Moll worked in the National Institutes of Health, NINDS, in the Cognitive Section, in Bethesda Unit. His current job is the head of the Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience Unit. He is also the current director of the D’Or Institute for Education and Research. This is in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Watch this video on Youtube.