Fabletics: Shaking Up The Buying Process and Helping Us Look Good Doing It

Have you heard of Kate Hudson’s line of ultra-trendy fitness wear, Fabletics? If not, you will soon. The company is skyrocking to the top of the market and its phenomenal growth and user adoption in the first three years has been compared to brands like mega-unicorn Apple. Fabletics saw 43% growth in 2016 and 2017 shows to be only outpacing the incredible success of the prior year.


Besides growth statistics, one of the most impressive things about Fabletics is the millions of incredibly loyal consumers the brand has cultivated. While that is likely in large part of offering fun, quality articles of active wear at a modest price point, another reason is the unique user experience the brand is providing to its users.


Fabletics utilizes a reverse showroom experience. This means that instead of asking consumers to troll into a store and offer the same experience to, say, a yoga instructor that they would to a soccer player or a marathon runner, the company invites buyers into an online showroom where styles are catered to their pre-determined tastes. This also means that instead of putting money into the overhead of traditional “showrooms” of stores – the company has just a few ultra-key locations – they are able to offer their high-end products at a better cost by doing digital first throug a reverse showroom. It’s a win, win for everyone – especially the users that are not only incredibly loyal to Fabletics, but are perhaps its biggest walking testimonial through social media and word-of-mouth marketing.


Another important thing to remember is that this is truly Kate Hudson’s brand. She doesn’t just pose in the clothes in commercials, she is hands on in nearly every aspect of the company. A recent CNBC article focused on what exactly she is doing to help fuel the brands success and what tips she gives others to mirror such phenomenal growth.


Other than being hands on, she recommends looking for gaps in the market and utilizing big data to meet curated consumer needs, rather than marketing en masse. She originally founded Fabletics because a quality piece of athletic wear that was at a moderately affordable price point didn’t exist at the time. Her instinct was correct and now her line of “athleisure” wear can be seen everywhere from gyms and fitness studios to brunch tables across the globe.


Interested in seeing what Fabletics is all about? Users can get a peek into the wonderful experience provided on their website by taking the LifeStyle Quiz – a fun quiz that fuses your personal style with fitness preferences to generate a unique experience that would translate directly into the outfits you receive monthly. Check it out!

The Importance of Getting Out Of Comfort Zone According to Lori Senecal

One thing that successful people come to understand is that success is uncomfortable. This is one of the reasons that Lori Senecal does not spend too much time in the comfort zone. Being what she calls a shy introvert has exposed her to the feeling of discomfort. When she has gotten involved with gymnastics, she has excelled. However, she eventually was made a coach. This has gotten her on the fast track to learning leadership skills. This has also taught her how to grow out of her comfort zone and deal with people of various walks of life.

When she has taken college, she has studied business and other related fields. She has developed a desire to get into the field of advertising. This has turned out to be an interesting choice considering her personality type. People in the advertising industry tend to be very intense and emotive compared to the more reserved and calm Lori Senecal. However, she has developed some traits that is very helpful to business. One thing that she has used to her advantage is her ability to focus on getting the work done for her clients. This efficiency and sense of urgency towards her work is what gets people interested in what she can do for them. More details can be found on Business profile.

Lori Senecal also encourages others to get out of their comfort zone. The worst thing one can do for his growth is stay in his comfort zone for an extended period of time. While it is good to take a little bit of time to recharge and prepare for the next challenge, the whole point is to make sure that one is moving forward. Being comfortable for too long can actually cause one to quit progressing towards greater goals. Lori Senecal is an example of someone who gets out of her comfort zone for the gain of others.

For more info about Lori visit LinkedIn.com.


Adam Goldenberg’s Data Driven Fashion Helps People Find Their Own Confidence And Style

Adam Goldenberg is one of the people that are responsible for the changing state of fashion. One of the reasons that fashion is changing for the better is because businesses are starting to pay more attention to the data. One thing that they are noticing is that there is a group of people that are taking more interest in fashion on rgtadvisors.com. Another thing that is noticeable is that certain areas of fashion that have been rather static have started to see a spike in sales when new activity has been presented to it. For one thing, people wan to see something new. One of the best ways to sell fashion is to show people something other than what they already have.

That said, there are some things that people will buy even if they already have it. This is because it is their personal style on techstyle.com. One thing that is certain about fashion is that there is room for people to figure themselves out in the sense of clothing. One of the best things people can do with fashion is find out the type of look they like. They don’t have to worry about how weird it may look to others because everyone is responsible for their own aesthetic.

Read more: TechStyle’s data-driven fashion – CNBC Video

Fortunately, Adam Goldenberg is able to use data in order to find out the type of clothing people like. Also, the marketing aspect of TechStyle is also important for people because that is the way to find people that are going to be interested in the new style that has just been released.

One good thing that Adam Goldenberg has done is make sure that they are only selling popular styles for customers. TechStyle, Fabletics and the other brands are going to continue to grow while many people either find their own styles or find the courage to try on different styles that they may enjoy. In the end, fashion is about finding one’s own look, confidence, and ability to bring about a greater sense of self.

Learn more about Adam Goldenberg: http://www.hudl.com/profile/4913266/adam-goldenberg

All a Dream? Harry Potter Film Theories to Change Your Mind!


If you enjoy books like Game of Thrones, like ‘Percy Jackson’ or ‘The Hobbit’, where magic is blended with youthful vibrancy and action hijinx, then Harry Potter was probably your jam growing up. Harry Potter is probably the largest young adult phenomenon since Pokemon and it continues to grow with fans rabidly pouring over both the films and the books. Today we are taking a glance some incredible Harry Potter based film fan theories to see just what this legion of adoring viewers could scrub up.


  1. Arthur Weasley Was Under the Imperius Curse!

One of the stranger Harry Potter fan theories out there includes the Weasley family leader being placed under the Imperius Curse for the duration of the books and films. In the Harry Potter universe the Imperius Curse basically puts you under prolonged mind control. Fans theorize that Arthur’s hatred of Lucious, his respect for Mad Eye, and a few quips by Barty Crouch Jr (“Ah, yes, Ron. Your father would know that one..” point to this fact.


  1. Harry Potter Hallucinated the Whole Thing.

Every single Harry Potter movie, in the second part, ends with Harry returning once again to the Dursley’s home and the life that he couldn’t wait to get away from. This theory believes that Harry made up Hogwarts and all of his resulting adventures after having gone mad from living under the cupboard. While this would be a cop out for a great adventure, it would make the dream-like atmosphere of the films make more sense.

Whitney Wolfe Leaves Tinder And Creates Line In The Sand With Bumble

When Whitney Wolfe left Tinder she did not have a clear destination in mind. At the time she was considering the creation of an app for anti-bullying.

She knew that there was a lot of cyber bullying going on, and her heart was going out towards this area of app design. It would be a friend that would give Whitney Wolfe the confidence to consider going solo with another dating app after she left the company she co-founder called Tinder.

This would be the dating app that would evolve as a feminist dating app. This would definitely draw the line in the sand and separate Whitney Wolfe from her past life as the co-founder of Tinder. This former app has become one of the most successful free dating apps on the internet. Whitney Wolfe knew that she was up against a juggernaut when it came to creating a brand new dating app. She had already broken ground as the co-founder what had become one of the most successful dating apps. Now she had to be in direct competition with an app that she helped create.

Many other entrepreneurs may have backed down from a challenge. Whitney Wolfe knew that she had a chance to compete by creating an app that was similar to what she had already contrived. This familiarity would be the thing that would drive people to use her new app. What Whitney Wolfe also knew was that she had to create something that was different in order to get people to leave Tinder and consider Bumble.

The thing that would make Bumble different from Tinder was the way that women were appointed as the ones that would make the first move. This would be the thing that Whitney Wolfe needed to separate herself from other dating apps.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrxxBd1UJxg

Securus Technologies Wins the Stevie Awards

Securus Technologies is considered to be one of the leading providers of criminal and civil justice technology solutions. The institution is based in Dallas, Texas, and it serves more than one million inmates today. The company has transformed the lives of prisoners in the United States by introducing the latest technology.


Not long ago, the company top management announced that it had won the prestigious Gold Stevie Awards. According to the report, Securus Technologies won the Best Customer Service Training Department section. Securus Technologies received their award during a banquet that was held at the Caesars Palace. The event attracted more than six hundred and fifty executives from different parts of the globe.


The great Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service were introduced several years ago, and they are respected for honoring companies that are excellent in business development, contact center, customer services and sales professionals. Getting the prestigious Stevie Award is not a walk in the park for the nominees. The Stevie Awards organize some of the global leading business awards programs.


Over two thousand companies from all parts of the globe had been nominated for the award. Reports say that the number had significantly increased from what was reported last year. For a company to be named as a finalist, it had to have an average of seventy-seven scores from independent judges.


Securus Technologies has been in the industry for a while now, and its leadership is very excited about the new award. The chief executive officer of the institution believes that the award proves that the company is on the right path. According to him, the award will motivate his team, and clients should expect better products and services from the institution. More than three thousand and five hundred correctional facilities are already using the products from the company.



The Life of Clay Siegall

There are a lot of people in the world of business who look up to Clay Siegall. He has had a great career in biotechnology, and he sees the ways in which his work can influence the world in a positive way. If you are ready to start investing for the future, he is the type of person to work with. Not only that, but he truly cares about the lives of other people that he is working with. If you are ready to take your business to the next level, you can apply some the principles that can be learned from the life of Clay Siegall.

Clay Siegall

From the time he started in business, Clay has always been about helping other people get to the next level. He is one of the most innovative people in his field, and he is always willing to help others as well. If you want to run a great business, you have to treat your employees well. This is something that Clay Siegall has done well the entire time that he has been in business. He has also used this as a way to invest in the lives of others. If you are ready to start working towards success in the future, Clay Siegall is one of the ways that you can accomplish this goal.

Future Growth

Clay Siegall is the type of person who is always looking to take his life to the next level. Not only that, but he truly believes in the work that he is doing will impact the world in a positive manner. If you want to invest with him, he has a great biotechnology firm that is an industry leader. This is one of the most important lessons that you can learn from someone like Clay Siegall. Even if you are leading within your industry, you should still seek out ways to improve upon your current position. A lot of people are excited about the changes that are taking places within the industry in this area, and you should follow the example set by Clay Siegall to have success.


Bruce Levenson’s Atlanta Hawks Sues AIG Over Ferry Claim

Recently, former owners of Atlanta Hawks filed a lawsuit against AIG for breach of contract. Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC filed the lawsuit, which involved the settlement claims made by Dan Ferry, a former general manager. The former ownership of the NBA franchise includes Bruce Levenson who is a controlling partner. The lawsuit was filed on September 13 in the Superior Court of Fulton County. The case excludes current ownership of Atlanta Hawks. The civil action is made against the insurance firm’s bad faith and breach of contract. Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment (AHBE) LLC claims that it was insured under a policy that covers certain losses, which are related to employment practices, including wrongful termination.

Court documents indicate that on April 2, 2015, AHBE provided notice to AIG indicating that claims had been made by Ferry, which it believed were covered. Ferry and AHBE reached a buyout agreement on June 22, 2015, formally ending a relationship that began in 2012. According to Time, two days later, approval of the sale of the basketball team was made. The lawsuit notes that AIG declined to acknowledge that the policy had been triggered or a claim was made. According to court documents, AIG declined to pay the covered loss in bad faith without considerable justification. It also failed to accept that some of the claims made by Ferry were clearly within the policy coverage. Barnes & Thornburg LLP’s J. Leonard notes that the complaint is well explained and easy to understand. The lawsuit seeks an extra 50 percent penalty of the costs, attorney’s fees, and unpaid loss.

About Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is a controlling partner of Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC. He is a partner and co-founder of United Communications Group (UCG) that he formed together with Ed Peskowitz. Previously, he worked for Observer Publishing and the Washington Star before founding UCG. He has also served as the director of TechTarget. Bruce has been the president of I Have a Dream Foundation.



In the previous OnePlanet Awards, Troy McQuagge was acknowledged as the CEO of the year. The top CEO was rewarded the Golden title based on his notable track record. OnePlanet Award is a platform that is associated with appreciating the efforts of individuals as well corporates in the business word. Companies and businesses around the world are allowed to participate in the competition. OnePlanet Awards gives each candidate an equal chance of emerging a winner regardless of their mode of operation. Willing candidates submit their names to the platform. In return, OnePlanet picks the winners from the list based on their contributions to the business world.

Troy is the CEO of USHEALTH. The renowned business person, Troy, has been steering USHEALTH to positive records at an incredible rate. Troy has been working with USHEALTH for about seven years. Since joining the firm, Troy was expected to monitor its refurbishment. He was to rebuild the firm’s modes of operation for the benefit of the clientele.

The fact that Troy McQuagge was handpicked from a list of very successful business persons, is evident that he is steering USHEALTH on the right track. To Troy, the award comes as an acknowledgment to his firm’s continued effort in supporting the needy persons in the society. Under Troy’s tenure, USHEALTH has been growing tremendously regarding the profit margins. Regardless of the competitive market, USHEALTH has managed to record more than what is expected of them. In 2014, only a short period after joining the firm, Troy McQuagge was appointed as the president of the company.

Most colleagues at work refer to Troy McQuagge as a team player who is passionate in utilizing each staff’s skills while achieving a common goal. While addressing the media, Troy stated that the award belongs to every person associated with USHEALTH firm. To him, were it not for each and every staff’s contribution, his efforts in transforming the firm wouldn’t be noticed. Also, Troy declared that his team will continue improving the firm’s name while providing customers with affordable healthcare solutions.

Troy McQuagge boasts of his broad experience in the sales and insurance industry. He has been in the game for more than 30 years, serving different sectors. Troy started his career in 1983 at Allstate Insurance Company. In 1995, he joined UICI. After several years in service, he was promoted to the company’s president. Later on, Troy joined UGA and under his leadership, the company achieved notable sales record.

Troy McQuagge is a graduate of the Central Florida University with a BA degree. Over and over again, Troy McQuagge has managed to achieve incredible results, particularly in the competitive markets. As a result, he has earned a great reputation. To most junior staff that he has worked with, Troy is a boss with a solution for every challenge. Troy is equipped with world-class communication skills which greatly assist in improving the USHEALTH Company. Besides, Troy engages in charity acts. He is associated with charity organizations such as HopeKids Dallas, Crisis Nursery Phoenix, among many others.


Factors Contributing to the Success of Construcap

Construcap is one of the leading construction companies based in Brazil. The company was founded back in the year 1944. It is one of the most sough construction companies serving the industrial, medical, energy, commercial and even retail industry. In the year 2012, it was ranked by Exame magazine as one of the best construction companies in its special edition of the best and greatest companies in the country.

Those who have known the Brazilian state of the real estate industry will tell you that it is not an industry that many would have willingly invested on jornalcruzeiro.com.br. Forget the reports you hear today of rising property prices, things in the past were not so great. Construction companies would build and end up retaining ownership of the project. This is because, not so many were seeking to buy. At some point, they even had to start advertising their projects abroad for international buyers who would be willing to buy. So a company had to have a very strong foundation to have survived such times. So, what made Construcap one of the companies that survived?

Customers Service
Customer service is vital if a company is to achieve success. Construcap is known for their excellent customer service on Construcap.com.br. They are genuinely concerned about their clients and everything that they do is to make sure that clients get what they want. This is the reason why they went ahead and employed a team of financial experts to handle the financial matters of their clients and help them get low interest home loans at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jY5laDlCtu0.

Investment in Their Employees
A company is as good as its employees. If they are no good, then the company is not worth your money. Construcap identified this early and they do everything possible to ensure that their employees represent them well. Construcap have training programs to develop them professionally and make them conversant with the current market needs.

Construcap is all about quality. If that was not the case, they would not have landed some big projects like the construction of Rio de Janeiro – Santos Dumont Airport, Temple of Solomon (IURD) and Mineirao Stadium.